You can now buy a £18 Baileys advent calendar… and it includes mini bottles of the tasty drink

You can now buy a Baileys advent calendar, which includes tasty truffles and small bottles of the creamy liqueur.

  • Baileys advent calendar, £18 from Debenhams – buy now

Hidden behind doors one to 21 of the boozy calendar is a Baileys chocolate truffle to celebrate the run up to Christmas.

Then when December 22, 23 and 24 come around, you can indulge in three mini bottles of delicious Baileys.

The drinks come in three flavours, Baileys Original, Baileys Coffee and Baileys Orange Truffle.

And thankfully, the adults-only calendar doesn’t break the bank and costs £18 from Debenhams.

It looks like a delicious way to see yourself through December.

If you are looking for something a bit more off-piste for your advent calendar, Jack Daniel’s £60 boozy calendar may be for you.

Alternatively, you can save £15 on a Lego advent calendar.

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