You can now drink Gordon’s with an edible strawberry-flavoured straw

Now, drinks giant Diageo has gone and stolen our hearts a second time with their new range of edible drinking straws.

Not only are the straws sustainable and cleverly designed to ensure they’re safe for human consumption, they also come in a variety of delicious flavour,s carefully crafted to compliment your tinny of choice.

The lime-flavoured straw was designed to add a zesty twist to the classic Gordon’s gin and Schweppes tonic, or if you opt for a can of Pimms and lemonade go for the strawberry straw.

There’s a choccy-flavoured one to help you knock back a Baileys mixed with iced coffee latte, or try the lemon edition with a can of the Captain Morgan’s Rum and Cola.

We might just be in heaven.

The straws will be available from later in August, so immediately sack off any plastic straws you see and hold out for this seriously gin-ius invention.

Though a price hasn’t been confirmed yet, we can bet they’re going to cost quite a bit more than your average plastic one… but you can’t put a price on saving the world – right?

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