You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the bird hiding among the rocks | The Sun

A PHOTO captured in the Scottish Highlands appears at first glance to just show a rocky landscape.

But upon closer inspection, there's a living creature camouflaged in the scene.

Laurence Debailleul, from Belgium, took the puzzling picture while climbing Ben Wyvis in North Inverness.

On first impression, the image shows a series of rocks with green moss peeking through.

But if you look closer, there is a sneaky game bird located in the picture.

The hidden grouse proves to be one of nature's masters of disguise by blending perfectly with its background.

Laurence, 51, said: "I first heard the noise of the birds but struggled to spot them.

"Then I saw four of them blending into the background.

"I took some pictures in the hope I might capture one of them," she went on.

"As I looked through my photos from the day, I thought I'd missed them. But just as I was about to hit delete, I spotted it.

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"I was so surprised to see how well the bird was camouflaged."

For those who can’t seem to see Scotland’s most famous bird, the grey-colored grouse is sitting in the bottom left corner of the picture, just in front of the rocks.

There is even white along the bottom of its feathers, just like the white accents on some of the rocks.

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