You’ve been changing your baby wrong – the trick to stop them peeing on you is so easy and it’s blowing parents’ minds

GETTING covered in pee during a nappy change is something most mums have experienced – some even on a daily basis.

But one clever mum has found a way to stop this from happening, and it's absolutely genius.

First time mum Chloe Durns, who gave birth to son Roman in September, came up with the hack, and took to TikTok to share the clever tip.

"I always wipe Roman’s belly before I change him, so he doesn’t wee once the nappy opens," Chloe wrote alongside a video of her softly using a wipe on her son's stomach.

While Roman could be seen scrunching up his nose slightly at the coldness of the wipe, Chloe's technique meant he got used to the change in temperature before the nappy change proceeded – and therefore didn't start to pee as soon as he felt the cold air.

Parents were quick to praise Chloe, 19, for her ingenious tip, with mum Jade commenting: "So 5 kids later, peed on more times than I could count and I just come across this now?"

"Thank you thank you thank you," another grateful, dry, mum wrote.

"How am I only just learning this s**t?" someone else commented.

Others were gobsmacked by the tip and questioned whether or not it would work on their kids.

"Does this actually work? My little one is due in eight weeks and I want to try to avoid getting peed on," mum to be Katy wrote.

To which Chloe replied: "It works for my little one. I’ve luckily never been peed on since I’ve done this. Worth a shot!"

And as well as earning admiration from other mums for the clever tip, Chloe also upped her followers – as she now has 33,200 people following her for similarly ingenious hacks.

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