You've been storing your salad all wrong – here’s how to prevent your lettuce leaves from going brown and soggy

MANY people have known the disappointment of opening the fridge to get a crunchy lettuce salad, only to find it has gone brown and soggy.

It turns out there is a simple way to ensure your leaves stay green and fresh this summer.

Apparently all you need to do is place a damp paper towel inside the salad bag.

The trick has been known by some for years, but shared again by food blogger Marie Saba.

A few years ago, she wrote on Instagram: "When you get home with bagged greens, cut open the bag and put a paper towel inside.

"The paper towel will absorb moisture and keep the greens fresher longer".

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So now you don’t have to worry about finding a disappointing salad again, and the best part is it only costs a few pence.

Many people were quick to react to the video.

One said: “Genius.”

Another added: “OMG – thank you!! I waste more than I like to admit – can't wait to try this!!”

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And a third commented: “I do the same exact thing and if I keep it in a container I always wrap it in a paper towel also but let's not forget if you have mushrooms always take them out of the container and put them inside a paper bag.

"They last longer and it keeps them from getting glossy right away.

"The other thing I do is always take your celery out of the plastic bag wrap it in aluminium foil seal it and then put it in the crisper drawer, it lasts a really long time."

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