10 Reasons It’d Be Fun To Live In Harry Potter’s World (And 10 Disadvantages)

There are many things that you may be able to think about that would be pretty amazing about getting to live in Harry Potter’s world. That is provided you are also a wizard and get the opportunity to attend Hogwarts (for free mind you). Because while life as a “muggle” is pretty awesome, there is just something to be said about being able to teleport around. Or to be able to turn that several week recovery time for a broken bone into something that only lasts a matter of seconds.

But if you think it’s all fun and games when it comes to being a wizard, you’d be very wrong. There are some seriously awful things in the Harry Potter universe that I’m sure you are thanking your lucky stars don’t exist in real life. Being sentenced to prison may also not seem so bad in comparison to Azkaban. Where you’d get to meet some Dementors that literally thrive on sucking the happiness out of your body. Though the punishments Dolores Umbridge dreamed up were also no picnic.

You may also agree that it may have been massively inconvenient for these people to primarily need to rely on owls to transport information. Not to mention the fact that Harry got blindsided with this news at the age of 11. Great news for him who hated his life at home, but what if you loved your regular school and didn’t want to go to a boarding school for most of the year? And don’t even get me started on the unforgivable curses!

These are the 10 Reasons It’d Be Fun To Live In Harry Potter’s World (And 10 Disadvantages)

20 Advantage – Magic Can Be Useful

There are definitely some downsides that come with magic that can be used against you. But c’mon, magic would also be pretty awesome. I’m not too sure what part of it stands out to you the most, but being able to forgo things like getting up to grab that bag of potato chips that in the kitchen by flicking a wand seems mighty tempting to me. And while flashlights are very handy, you have to admit that using Lumos with a wand looks even cooler!

19 Disadvantage – You Don’t Get To Stay At Home For School

For Harry Potter, the best thing about Hogwarts may be the fact that it took him away from the Dursley family whose treatment of Harry was essentially child abuse. But if you love your family, you may not be too thrilled at the notion of being told that you now need to go away to an unknown location for your schooling and will only be back periodically. So much for Mom’s home cooking and getting to relax in your own bed at the end of a long day of school.

18 Advantage – You Can Also Enjoy “Muggle” Life

If you are able to keep your composure in the “muggle world” being a wizard could be really awesome. Because there is nothing saying that once you finish your schooling or are in the summer that you can’t go back and enjoy your life as a “muggle” – just with some slight advantages, providing you are old enough to use magic away from school! But if you’re worried about your ability to hide your wizarding skills, then this may quickly become a negative.

17 Disadvantage – You Might Get Blindsided With The News At Age 11

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Perhaps you wanted to be a professional football player. Then, BAM, nope, you’re actually a wizard. I hope you enjoy Hogwarts and are interested in the careers that come with being a wizard. For many people, like Harry, the news that they’re a wizard threw a wrench in their entire life. Positive or negative, I’m sure Hermione’s muggle parents also had quite a reaction to that letter from Hogwarts.

16 Advantage – things Get Mended Quickly

If you know what it feels like to break a bone, then this entry may be enough to have you immediately want to jump into the Harry Potter universe. Because while broken bones still happen, having a spell repair the damage – as happens in the series on various occasions – is still pretty fantastic. Especially in contrast to having to deal with a painful injury that in some cases never manages to heal properly and can cause a lifetime of pain.

15 Disadvantage – There’s Always a Chance Of Voldemort

There have been a lot of really bad dudes in history. There are some awful people that are currently existing. But it definitely seems like that Voldemort should be the most feared person of all-time. Which means that even if Harry had seemingly knocked him off for good, if you lived in the Harry Potter Universe you would be foolish to not be at least a little bit afraid that he would find some way to come back from the dead. At least humans you know are going to stay dead!

14 Advantage – Quidditch Could Be a Blast

Dean Thomas is one of Harry’s friends at school who also has close ties to the muggle world. Which means that he has openly talked about the fact that he has a love of muggle sports, such as his love of football. But Dean also gets to enjoy Quidditch! And while people have tried to make their own version in real life, Quidditch would still be a blast to watch in it’s “true form” and even more fun if you got the chance to play.

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13 Disadvantage – Knowledge Is Delivered Through Owls

When you think about it for a quick moment, the idea of getting information delivered by an owl seems very cool. But the reality is that having an owl be the primary medium of transportation is far from convenient. There are many moments in your life where I’m sure you’re very glad you can call someone with important news as opposed to having to send an owl that could take a significant amount of time to get back to you. Not to mention the added difficulties that could come with if your owl perishes on the trip!

12 Advantage – You Can Travel Efficiently

You can see and experience a lot of the world when you are traveling via car or public transit. But some days I’m sure you would much rather be able to blink your eye and get to where you need to be. It might not be something you learn until you get a little bit older, but if that doesn’t keep you motivated in school, what will? Either way, the traveling system that can also include things like Floo powder that they have set up in the Harry Potter universe definitely seems pretty phenomenal.

11 Disadvantage – Azkaban Is not the best place to be

Prison is definitely not a place where you want to end up in real life, so you probably should try and always obey the law. But man oh man is Azkaban really not a place you’d ever want to end up in. Because it is far worse than any prison could ever be in our universe. The reality of the dementors that guard Azkaban is that they literally make you re-live your worst memories and drain all happiness out of you. If that doesn’t scare you straight, what will?

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10 Advantage – You Don’t Have To Pay For School

There are millions of students around the world that are struggling every day to get by due to their large amount of student debt. It’s a serious problem that needs to be handled on a large scale as it can have some serious ramifications on the amount of joy you end up getting from your chosen career. But for J.K. Rowling who is the creator of her own universe, she decided to “solve” that problem by having the Ministry of Magic pay for everyone’s tuition at Hogwarts.

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9 Disadvantage – Your Memory Can Get Altered

You can try to prevent it but it’s possible that as you start to get older that you may start to lose your memory. But at least you don’t live in the Harry Potter world where memory charms are a thing. Hell, there’s even the character Gilderoy Lockhart who utilized memory charms to manipulate and lie about his entire career in order to get famous. Talk about an unfortunate situation for all the wizards whose memories he altered in order to benefit himself.

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8 Advantage – Your Post-School Career Options Seems Pretty Solid

In the Harry Potter universe, it seems like the stress that you may have had (or have) about going into University are non-existent. You get into school at 11 when an owl shows up at your house with a letter for you, and provided you don’t get expelled, graduate from the same place. Hogwarts is recognized as a top-tier school, so if your exam scores are good, your post-career options look to be pretty solid. And if you hate jobs in the wizarding world…good luck explaining how you’re 17 and don’t know things that people learned in elementary school.

7 Disadvantage – Punishments Are Really Extreme

Harry Potter and his friends are definitely not strangers to getting themselves in some hot water with the professors at Hogwarts. But some of the things they have to do as punishments are really extreme and would make you quickly wish for the real world. Such as Harry having the words “I Must Not Tell Lies” get scarred into his hand as he wrote lines which is far worse than just having to write lines! He can thank Dolores Umbridge for that creative and sadistic one.

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6 Advantage – You Might Get Some Really Cool Items

Harry Potter’s life is full of amazing items that I’m sure you could only ever dream of getting. Such as the fact that he literally gets gifted an invisibility cloak in the 1st book. Or also gets handed a map that shows him the location of everyone in the school in the 3rd book. Maybe you’re even jealous of smaller things like Neville’s Remembrall that helps him keep track of when he has forgotten to do something. Either way, the Harry Potter universe is brimming with cool things.

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5 Disadvantage – You Can Do Magic Out Of Your Control

One of the most pivotal moments of Harry’s life came when he accidentally let a snake loose at the zoo. It was in this moment that the reader got insight into the fact that wizards can do magic without meaning to. A notion that is actually terrifying. I’m sure you’ve had some angry fights with your parents or loved ones in the past, now add a complication that you may also cast a spell on them? That’s something that you may not want to sign up for.

4 Advantage – Flying a Broom Is Very Cool

It does not seem like there are many characters in the Harry Potter universe who are proficient at flying on a broom. Especially in comparison to Harry. But if you had the chance to live in his universe, perhaps you would put that extra time needed to make sure you excel on a broom. Along with looking very cool (and essentially be like flying) it’s a very convenient way to get from point A to B. Who needs a skateboard!

3 Disadvantage – You’d Live In a World With Unforgivable Curses

There are many awful things that you can experience in life that cause you a lot of pain both emotionally and physically. But the Unforgivable Curses that are present in the Harry Potter universe are really extreme. Such as Imperius Curse that makes you be under complete control of the person administering it. Or the Cruciatus Curse which causes unbelievable pain that would be akin to any torture that you can think of. Or the curse, Avada Kedavra, which, of course, just kills you. I’m happy living in a world without those!

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2 Advantage – You Might Care A Lot More About Your Classes

There is nothing wrong with the things that you learn in the world and the careers that people get to go after. But you may find yourself reading the Harry Potter books and wishing you could be learning those things. Such as Transfiguration which helped students turn objects into different shapes. Or Potions which, while taught by Snape, could have some really cool results if you were good at it. And while gardening is all well and good, maybe you’d be like Neville and find out you are an even bigger fan of Herbology at Hogwarts.

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1 Disadvantage – You’d Need To Keep Composure In Real World

It can be very fun to think about being a wizard but would you really be able to keep that secret to yourself? I sure hope so. Because I’m sure the wizarding community wouldn’t look too kindly if during the summer you went home and blabbed to your “muggle friends” about what you were really up to the last few months. Which means that you would find yourself making enemies in both of your two worlds and that may be a really lonely feeling.

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