10 Things About Luxury Hotels Only The Bell Boy Knows (And 10 Things The Maid)

If only the Beverly Wilshire could talk, at least you would really know what went on inside the walls of some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Alas, the hotels have decided to honor their owners and hold their secrets deep within the walls. We lie awake in bed in our hotel rooms wondering if our sheets are clean in a $1,000 a night hotel room.

Some people have said over the years that the walls have talked in certain hotels, but that could just be mysterious legends. If the hotels won’t talk, we have the employees who let us in on what really goes on in the hotels we visit. If you have ever wondered about the things that go on at expensive chains, then you have come to the right place. Bellboys and maids are chattering all over the world and telling what they know about the hotel industry and we are all ears. You might be surprised by some of the things you read, but don’t kill the messenger. Check out these 10 things about luxury hotels only the bellboy knows (and 10 things the maid knows).

20 An Entourage

One bellboy told a story about being at the entrance when Hugh Hefner showed up Omni Parker House to attend his daughter’s graduation. He came with bunnies and limousines and gave the bellboy a $300 tip.

“I was standing out front and he brought his entourage of Cadillacs and limousines.

All these bunnies were coming out of the cars and everything. It was like something I’d seen out of a movie. And I just stared at him. I was amazed.” Hefner told him, “’When you get to be my age, you can live like I do.’’’

19 Sometimes It’s Just Surface Cleaning

If a hotel is really busy, they may not do the deep cleaning that you would want them to do in the hotel rooms. “When I have time, I will clean everything, but sometimes it’s so busy and management still expects everything to be cleaned just as fast as on a day that isn’t as busy.

If this is the case, I usually won’t vacuum, and will just do a fast clean, like rinse the bath instead of scrubbing or dusting over surfaces quickly. The remote control is something I would say doesn’t get a proper clean;

I just go over it with the same cloth I use for the bedside table.”

18 Cup and Cutlery Aren’t Necessarily “Clean”

That’s probably one of the biggest worries that guests have when checking into a hotel. They want to know that the cups they are using are really clean. “Upon check-out, all glasses, cups, and cutlery are cleaned and replaced with new ones.

I wouldn’t say they are cleaned well, though; they are put through a big industrial dishwasher that sometimes doesn’t do a great job. During a guest’s stay, we will only change the glasses if they request it.”

It might just be a good idea to rinse things before using them.

17 Some well-known people are really Rude

Well, surprise, surprise — there are a lot of humble celebrities out there, but there are also some celebrities who feel entitled. They expect the staff at hotels to be at their beck and call. One bellboy told a story about meeting a legend: “I met Judy Garland when she was performing. She never used the revolving door out front. She’d stop in front of one of the side doors and just stand there and would want someone to open and close the door for her. But she’d give you a tip for doing it. She was very kind and generous.”

16 They Might Be Napping in Your Room

Seriously, that is not something anyone wants to hear. The last thing anyone wants to think about is a maid sleeping in their bed while they are out by the pool. “A hotel maid revealed that staff sometimes take a nap in the guest’s hotel rooms. Especially if they are cleaning a large suite and have more time allocated to clean it. They also use the bathrooms in guests’ rooms if they are really busy, even though they are not actually allowed to. So you should know that you’re never really the only one using your bathroom or bed at the time of your stay.”

15 Sometimes, They Stand Guard Outside Your Room

One bellboy was asked by a Spanish businessman to stand outside his private room just in case his wife showed up so that she wouldn’t know what he was up to in the room. It’s obvious that bellboys are often asked to do very strange things. “Naturally, I stood guard in the hallway — it’s a key part of my job to monitor and record any movement outside the room. For the guest’s “safety,” of course.”

14 They Fight For the Rooms They Want

The world of being a maid is not an equal one and maids can be cutthroat when it comes to getting the rooms they want. Rich guests mean bigger tips and sometimes expensive items are left behind. “The more senior staff can sometimes make it stressful.

They fight for the more expensive rooms or suites because better items are left behind for the taking if nobody claims them.

They also fight to take the better trolleys, leaving myself and others with old ones that don’t have the right products or supplies, meaning a lot more running around.”

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13 Some of Them Have Been Working There Since They Were Kids

When you are checking into your luxury hotel and the grey-haired bellboy opens the door for you, you might not realize that the man might have been there since he was a whipper-snapper. Some of the employees work there their whole lives. “My father worked here and he let me help, but I wasn’t on the payroll. He said, ‘Put on some khaki pants and a white shirt and come help out.’ So I did. I did that in the summer for a couple months, and then I got a position on the door and started full-time when I was 17.”

12 Trying On Your Expensive Clothes

Some maids apparently have a lot of time on their hands and they want to know what Gucci feels like against their skin. “In the past, hotel maids have admitted to trying on guests’ clothing that they leave behind in their rooms.

The maids are most likely to try on expensive apparel that you’ve hung in the room’s closet and typically, they put them back after they’re done playing dress up. The guests never find out.”

There isn’t a whole lot that can be done about it. How would you even know? Nanny cam to the rescue!

11 Going above and beyond

We suppose if a celebrity is willing to tip you big enough that you might just bring anything to the room for them. One bellboy seemed to go above and beyond when his guests called on him. “I wasn’t at all surprised when she called me on the special number reserved for VIPs instead of calling the front desk. I knew she was in need of some vitamins to keep the night going. It goes without saying that I’m no dealer, but my clients’ welfare and experience is my top priority, so what else could I do?”

10 The Guests Are The Messy Ones

One maid has seen rooms that are so disgusting, she didn’t even want to enter them. Sometimes, it’s the guests that are the problem and not the maids.

“I find a huge variety of guests — from extremely clean where you sometimes question if the room is actually being used, to others where you don’t even feel comfortable going in the room because it is just such a mess.

There are some that leave pizza boxes and garbage around, underwear on the floor, and it’s impossible to clean the room. Some guests really expect you to clean up after them like you are their mother.”

9 There are perks

When it comes to being a bellboy, like any job, it has its ups and downs. But one particular Bellboy only has good memories from working at the Omni Parker House. “Back in the ’80s, Pete Townshend from The Who came in and I was at the door. A girl who was at the front desk asked me to go out with a piece of paper and get an autograph for her. So, I don’t know if you know, but The Who have this song called ‘Bell Boy.’ When I went up to Pete, I was in my uniform and he looked me up and down and smiled, and I know we were both thinking of the song. It was kind of cool. We had a moment.”

8 Stuff Left Behind

Apparently, maids are supposed to wait a certain amount of time before taking items just in case the guests come back to claim them, but when it came to this maid, she saw something she just couldn’t pass up. “Once I found T-bone steaks left in the fridge that I took home for dinner, but the strangest thing I found was what originally what I thought to be an abandoned baby lying on the bed. I carried it and took it to management.

It turned out to be a robot or fake baby that would make noises just like a real one.

It was left by guests attending a medical or science convention or something. It scared me so much though because it seemed so real.”

7 They Meet People That Have a huge impact on them

As a bellboy, these individuals get to meet so many different people throughout the day. “I met a couple when they stayed here in September 2002. Their 21-year-old daughter Lisa died on September 11. Mr. and Mrs. Frost were from California but were retracing her steps before the one-year anniversary, and stayed here overnight. She went to BU. We talked in their room for like 20 minutes, and they gave me a button they had made. It said when she was born and had her picture. They were taking the buttons with them to the memorial.”

6 Eating From The Room Service Plates

It appears as if these maids are just taking whatever they want from their guests. “Most hotel maids don’t pack a lunch before heading out for their work day. Instead, they grab small things off the fresh plates of room service orders before they are delivered to the guests. Next time you take a look at your pricey, yet delicious, room service and notice how small the portion is, just remember, the kitchen didn’t skimp out. Most likely, the maids were ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.” That’s insane to think that they are eating food before it even gets to you.

5 Some Luxury Hotels have an unusual history 

If you have stayed in a luxury hotel, you may not have realized that it was haunted. Some bellboys have seen things in hotels that they don’t like talking about. “I’ve never seen anything, but so many people I’ve worked with have. And some guests have come down saying they want to change rooms because they’ve seen things or heard a strange noise. I don’t know why they’d all lie. I would like to see something out of curiosity. I mean, if there’s nothing after our life, that’s kind of a bummer, not to get into all that. But some strange things can happen.”

4 It’s best to be nice to them 

Have you ever told off a maid and then regretted it later? You might want to rethink it next time because some of these maids like to get revenge on people who aren’t very nice to them. “I personally have never done anything but I heard of someone who was so angry about a rude comment made to them that they cleaned the bathroom floor with a towel and left it for the guest as their new towel.” That’s disgusting and it makes you wonder what is really going on in your room when you are not there.

3 They Don’t Always Have Control Over What Their Guests Do

Sometimes, a bellboy will come across a situation that is out of their hands and they can only do their best to make other guests of the hotel comfortable. One bellboy helped three people up to their room and told them he would return to open the windows for them. “When I returned less than five minutes later, it was obvious they’d already kicked the party into action […] At least the older guy was holding it together in a way. It took another 15 minutes before the whole corridor could hear them.”

2 Duvets Rarely Get Changed

Well, that’s a little alarming to say the least, but apparently, it’s common even in luxury hotels. “Ask almost any hotel maid and they’ll tell you the truth — duvets, coverlets, and sheets rarely get washed. An anonymous maid told the Daily Mail that if she comes across a duvet with a small stain that can be blotted out, she’ll pat it down with water until it’s barely visible. With the sheets, if they aren’t wrinkled and have no stains, they almost never get changed. Instead, the maid will smooth out the surface and lint roll the bed to freshen it up.”

1 It’s Always Better If You Tip Them

We can pretend tips don’t matter, but in the real world it does, especially to the staff at the hotel that you are staying in. Even if you meet the nicest bellboy in the world, he’s still going to expect you to tip him. In fact, you will get better services if you tip. Bellboys everywhere will tell you, the bigger the tips, the more perks they will be willing to throw your way. It’s always in your best interest to be as kind as you can to the staff in general if you expect to have great service.

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