13 People Reveal The Weirdest Things They Do With Their SO & You’ll Totally Relate

One of the reasons I love hanging out with my SO is because we are both couple of weirdos. Normally, I have to pretend to be a normal, mature human adult, but with my partner the facade drops and we act of like a couple of true goofballs together. It’s awesome. Among the many, many strange things we like to do is make up songs… about our cats… sung by our cats… So, yeah, we’re a bit odd. We’re also not alone. In a recent Reddit thread, people confess the weirdest things they do with their SO — and, guess, what? I am not alone. I turns out, behind closed doors we’re all just a bunch of weirdos talking to (and as) our cats (in voices we’ve made up for them, sigh). Not to mention rubbing our butts all over each other (no, stay with me… that’s definitely a thing).

Since all these stories are just too good not to share (seriously, this may really be my favorite Reddit thread ever), here are more than a dozen confessions people revealed about the weirdest things they do with their partners when no one else is around to see. Get ready to laugh a lot.

Goofing around with their pets.



All the body part shenanigans.







So. Much. Butt. Stuff.




Bed time is the right time… to get weird.



We live in a time where it feels harder and harder to relate to our neighbors. Sometimes it’s just good to remember that, behind closed doors, we’re all just a bunch of butt-rubbing, face-making, nose-booping weirdos.

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