13 Reasons Why Season 2 Teaser Trailer, New Season

We’ve been waited on baited breath for 13 Reasons Why, season 2 to come out ever since the cast finished filming it in mid-December 2017. There was concern that the upcoming episodes would be delayed due to concerns from a conservative parenting group, but it doesn’t appear that’s the case.

The official 13RW Twitter account posted a 15-second teaser trailer that gave us our first preview of what’s to come on season 2. The vid features two Polaroids, one that shows part of Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) face and one that has the words “THE TRUTH IS DEVELOPING.” The pic of Hannah develops throughout the duration of the clip, which could be a nod to Tyler Down, a photographer who was seen in the final episode of season 1 developing some creepy AF photos.

A release date is still not known, but at least we have SOMETHING that assures us new eps will be on Netflix sooner than later.

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