20 Easy Ways To Edit Travel Photos On Social Media Like A Pro

Sometimes we find ourselves in nature watching animals or just being by a nice piece of scenery that we would love to share with others. However, we only have our smartphones with us and without some alterations to the photos, the scenery might not look as good as we may have wanted it to be. There is in fact, some great tools available to us to utilize when creating these types of photos. You’ve just got to edit them before you upload them to social media, the apps are pretty helpful and can get you some real attention from more than just your friends. Pictures are used to tell a story and why not make that story visually appealing at the same time?

All of these apps are for mobile devices although some of them can be used on a Mac or PC. This isn’t to say that they’re better than another piece of software, that may not be the case since everyone’s needs are different. The needs differ from person to person since their personal skills are different when it comes to taking pictures but also because the camera is different. Not everyone has the same phone with the same camera, that’s why there are different apps available to someone who wants to edit their images.

20 Snapseed – an all-purpose photo editor

So, an all-purpose photo editor is really geared to everyone. That’s not a bad thing and could have actually been what Google was going for when they developed this tool. It can, when used correctly to really improve a decent looking photo.

However, it might require someone to take a look around the app first since they would have more knowledge about everything at their disposal and therefore could do better when editing a picture. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

19 Adobe Lightroom CC – possibly one of the most popular tools out there

If there is any name or company that is known for quality tools, it’s Adobe. They have got their stuff available to just about everyone around town. Adobe Lightroom CC is for the people that like to have a pretty simple piece of software that can get the job of their editing done.

It’s a great tool for anyone that enjoys taking pictures or just has a lot of pictures that could use some editing lying around. Adobe tends to create high-quality tools for people to use so the user shouldn’t fear too much of a learning curve. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

18 Afterlight 2 – it uses a bunch of cool features

Afterlight 2 is possibly an updated version of a previous piece of software. We say this because the name suggests it and the app features a bunch of cool things that can help anyone.

An app like this is probably best used with a little advice every now and then from surrounding people. If the features work really well, it wouldn’t hurt to ask around on the quality of the said picture. Some of the features might be difficult for first timers which is why it is good to ask for help. (source iphonephotographyschool.com)

17 Enlight – this editor has even got drawing tools in it

Any editor that has got some drawing tools in it is really pushing the line. If it goes too far, everyone will dislike it since it’s not doing what it was designed to do but rather creating something new.

However, Enlight seems to do it quite well and allows the user to add some artistic feeling to their photos. This is something that wasn’t always present in the world of photography when using traditional editors that did not have drawing tools in them. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

16 The IG editor – it may not be the best of the best but it can certainly get the job done

This editor is unique because it’s extremely simple. The people that use it basically want to the fastest output of an image to Instagram. It’s got some features but isn’t as good as some of the other options on this list.

The reason behind that is because it was never designed as an all in one tool for the user but was rather created as a way someone can simply get a photo edited in a few minutes. Despite the simplicity, people regularly use it and manage to get some amazing pictures out to the world. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

15 Mextrures – you can apply light leaks

Face it, the name might be a little cheesy since it sounds like textures but when a feature like light leaks comes into play, you have to try it out. When someone edits a photo and has some light leaks in there, it really changes the atmosphere.

You can even create a strange looking mountain with the dawn sunshine using this app if you really wanted to. Light leaks are not really used but if you ever find yourself wanting to create an image that was super cool, this would be something that could help you a lot. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

14 Superimpose X, it’s said that you can blend images together

Blending images together is yet another risky game and really targets a specific type of person. Someone who might want to blend something together would be a nature photographer or maybe just a bird watcher that has some nice images sitting around but wants to reduce certain parts of it.

It’s risky because people can start to overuse the editor and once that is done, the entire image can lose its originality. Other than that minor issue, Superimpose X is a great option for anyone that likes to combine stuff to make one awesome thing. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

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13 lends distortions – add some sunlight

Lens Distortions has the tools that you need to add some light to the sky where there wasn’t much before. When used this can create a photo that looks crisp rather than a jagged mess that hurts the human mind.

Sunlight is also a key component in taking pictures but the user should continue to explore natural lighting as that’s one of the more important parts of taking pictures and exploring one’s options in the world of photo editing. This editor is also likely for someone that has some natural light but wants to give the sense of using a lens that really captured more than they got. (source: iphonephotographyschool.com)

12 Affinity Photo – only for Apple or computer devices

Unfortunately, this piece of software is only for Apple or computing devices such as a Windows PC. It is pretty useful if you have a computer or any Apple device. You might find yourself a little annoyed having to either transfer an image over but it has great features that are sure to do you some favors when you need them most.

It’s not a super complicated thing to use but you just need to make sure that the images come out looking decent on your phone before you edit them since this editor seems like one that is geared towards amateur mobile photography. (source: trustedreviews.com)

11 VSCO – it allows several features to be used when editing a photo

This app is somewhat similar to other apps that are available to people who want to edit their own pictures. VSCO is a pretty simple app and does not require much effort to learn how to edit like a pro, on mobile at least.

This mobile editing platform is very useful and can certainly help someone with their images, especially if they are just getting started with the editing process and are not familiar with it just yet. Since the app may have some cool features, it is best to sometimes ask some people if an image looks good with certain effects slapped onto them. Their filters are what really matter with this app. They are, simply put, awesome.  (source: trustedreviews.com)

10 Camera FV-5 – best used for a photo to come out right the first time

This is a tool that is a camera. It might even replace your phone camera and can give you some useful tools at the same time. This means that you do not need to go between different types of apps and then figure out where the photo has gone once you change it and download it back.

Why not just do all of that in one place and make your life so much easier in the long run. In fact, this camera tool has been called one of the best manual cameras for Android devices. This is all in one since you can edit before you take your picture, as in, adjust things to your preferences in advance.  (source: trustedreviews.com)

9 Obscura 2 – a manual camera that quickly lets you do everything you need for a great photo

Once again, it’s an all in one type of app that really lets the user do what they want to their picture. It is a manual camera that can give a lot of options for people who are willing to learn. Of course, there is going to be somewhat of a learning curve for anyone that has not used or done something similar to that.

There are certainly some cameras on phones that can be somewhat manual but nothing has been able to beat the ability of something that was specifically designed for people who want those options. This is all in one since you can make the choices you want with your camera. (source: trustedreviews.com)

8 Camera + 2 – this is both a camera and an editor

This one differs greatly from the two we just mentioned since it allows you to edit your photos after you’ve taken them. This is important to some people because sometimes the pictures just don’t come out how we wanted them too. Other than that, it’s a nice feature to have in the background. Camera+2 is one of those apps that also act as a camera.

However, the user should expect some lost features when compared to other similar apps since they might not have dedicated all their resources into making sure a picture looks great the first time. (source trustedreviews.com)

7 Facetune – it costs money but could be worth the price

This app actually costs some money. Nothing much but just a few dollars, specifically £3.99/US$5.99/AU$5.99. Although prices may vary based on different aspects and time periods of someone buying them, if at all available.

Some people might find the prices a little much and we’re sure the apps come with many features but are they greater than or equal to the features in other free apps? That’s the real question because no one really knows until some people buy it and test both out. If you use it a lot, it could very well be worth the money, especially if it fits all your personal needs. (source techradar.com)

6 Prisma – this app replicates artistic styles

This app is very different when compared to other ones. It basically claims to replicate artistic styles which are new or uncharted territory that not many people know how to navigate it correctly. It is surely going to set the industry standard for what happens since many people seem to like the idea of it.

Having artistic abilities is not prevalent for everyone and an app that can allow them to basically do that all the time with the wonderful images they take is just what they need. The app has got 50 million downloads from people who want to create someone in kind images that would have taken ages if done on the computer by hand. (source techradar.com)

5 Flickr – it has an odd name but can be good if used properly

One of the most interesting parts of this app is that it is among the most popular places for people who love professional photography. Given, the app is good for people who are not professionals as well.

The editor on Flickr is pretty good but it’s not a camera so you can’t solve those issues before they happen. That’s okay though since you can share your photos on the app as well and get used to editing your photos. Perhaps you could even see how you’ve grown in your skillset manner. (source: forbes.com)

4 built-in photo viewer – good with access to a windows computer

Most people do not know this but it’s a fact. It might not be the best editor out on the market with the latest features but it will surely get the job done. You can even rotate the image if need be, which is something that is not always included in a photo editor.

The only issue with this editing method is that you need access to a Windows PC. That in mind, you would need to upload your images after you got home or with an internet connection. It’s not a difficult task but can become frustrating since people think quickly when in the moment.

3 Microsoft Selfie – you may not have heard of them but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good

This is yet another really interesting option since it’s not that well known. We are all aware that the idea of people when they hear something that isn’t well known is out on the market, they jump to the conclusion of it being a bad and cheap product that would never get the job done.

Microsoft is a tech company that makes people’s lives easier with what they do, so why would they make something that doesn’t work? Microsoft Selfie is just one of the many tools that can be used to literally edit your pictures into stunning images on social media. (source: forbes.com)

2 Repix – It’s great for effect brushes and filters

Repix is named for exactly what it can do. It’s a pretty good one since it gives people the idea that they are getting into an editor without having to read any tips on how to work it.

The editor itself does come with a lot of useful stuff, particularly many effect brushes, which is something that can be kind of lacking when it comes to editors. It also comes with some nice filters that will make your picture unique when compared to other ones out there. (source: forbes.com)

1 Retromatic – if you like making certain aspects of a photo look retro, then this is for you

Ah yes, there had to be one retro style editor. There is always a market for people who like the good old days. You can, of course, edit with this app and that’s a good thing since you can, at the same time crop certain items out and then move them onto, say a poster card or something like that to make it look like the image is actually from that time period.

Retromatic is the type of app for the person that likes those time periods from decades ago. It’s for the people that say they loved the 50s or some well-known era like it. (source: forbes.com)

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