20 Little Details About Dog The Bounty Hunter

If you were watching TV from 2004 to 2012, chances are you caught a few episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter. It was a massively popular show in its heyday, and its main man Duane Chapman was well-known across the globe. The show had many elements, taking some cues from Cops, but also adding in a reality show element that gave us a look into his interesting and unique family life. You can say all you want about the show, but you can’t say it was boring. Duane Chapman made sure of that.

But few of us have really stopped to ask ourselves who Duane Chapman really is. What’s his life story? What was really going on behind the scenes of Dog The Bounty Hunter? Is he the same man that he appears to be in the show? Or is it all a fake persona? As we look deeper into the life of this iconic reality TV star, we’re going to learn everything there is to know about who he is, what he stands for, and what he’s been up to recently. These 20 little details about Dog the bounty hunter might just change everyone’s entire perception of him. Let’s take a look at who this guy really is.

20 How It All Started

Lots of people probably loved the overall vibe of Dog The Bounty Hunter, and it proved to be a very successful show indeed. But few of us actually know how it all got started. Dog’s early life is a different matter entirely, but his big breakthrough on television came when he was featured in a show called Take This Job. This was an A&E show about people with strange and unusual jobs, and Dog was featured for an entire episode. People loved him, and so Dog was given a spin-off show centered entirely around his life and work.

19 He Had A Difficult Childhood

Today, people who have watched the show know that Dog the bounty hunter, or Duane Chapman, is actually a pretty good guy. He might chase down bad guys for a living, but he’s always willing to show a sympathetic side towards people, and he continuously gives people second chances. But he wasn’t always the man he is today. Early in his life, he fell in with the wrong people, and was actually a lot like the people he chased in the show. Maybe that’s why he can relate to them so much.

18 His Bad Decisions Changed His Life

Even though Duane Chapman is known for sending people to get locked up, he’s also no stranger to it himself. People might remember an episode when he was crossed into Mexico while chasing a fugitive, but the truth is that he was facing legal issues before that as well. Early in his life, he spent some time in the same place he sends his fugitives, but was released early because of good behavior.

17 Leland Took Over The Family Business

One of the key features of Dog The Bounty hunter was that it didn’t just involve Duane Chapman, it involved what was essentially his entire family. These included brothers, children, and his wife. One of the most prominent children to aid Duane Chapman in his bounty hunting endeavors was Leland. Duane’s relationship with Leland wasn’t always great, but in the end Leland ending up taking over the family business for a period of time, and even went on to form his very own bail bond company.

16 Why Dog Never Carried Anything To Protect Himself

At first glance, Duane Chapman seems like a police officer or some kind of law enforcement officer. He’s got the all black uniform, the bulletproof vest, and some pretty intimidating shades and accessories. But one thing that Dog did not carry throughout the course of the series was a firearm. This might be a little confusing to some, but there is in fact a very good reason for this. As Duane Chapman has faced his own legal troubles, he is not actually allowed to carry a firearm, and must instead rely on things like pepper spray and tasers.

15 One Of His Biggest Bounties Was A Man Named Andrew Luster 

Some people might accuse Dog The Bounty Hunter of being fake or staged, but the fact is that Duane Chapman has successfully tracked down some very real people. One example is the capture of Andrew Luster. This man was wanted for very serious things, and he fled to Mexico. Duane Chapman and his team tracked down the man, and the capture eventually led to the extradition of Andrew Luster to California, where he was put away for life. This was without a doubt one of the most high-profile bounties Chapman had ever taken.

14 He Also Tracked Down A UFC Fighter

Another one of Duane Chapman’s famous moments came when the UFC fighter known as “War Machine” went on the run after doing some bad things. According to Fox News, Duane Chapman didn’t actually track down the athlete, and that honor falls instead to US Marshalls. But Duane Chapman was involved in the entire thing, and it is alleged that he even convinced War Machine to turn himself in. For the record, War Machine gave himself up without a fight. Dog was continuously tweeting about this man on social media back in 2014, when War Machine was on the run.

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13 He Sometimes Used Paintball Guns

We’ve already mentioned the fact that Duane Chapman is not able to carry a firearm, and this limits him in many ways. In other ways, however, it makes him a more humane and relatable figure – one that is not out do harm. That being said, Dog was armed with other things that still pack a serious punch. However, he was armed with less powerful versions of firearms, such as paintball guns and on some occasions he was known to fire rubber bullets.

12 What’s Dog’s Net Worth?

Duane Chapman has spent most of his life being a bounty hunter, although he definitely wasn’t successful and famous for all of those years. His business was steady and a good source of income, but when his life got turned into a reality show, things really started to pick up. So what’s the net worth of this famous public figure? Most estimates point to a figure of about $6 million in 2018, which is pretty respectable. As previously mentioned, most of this comes from his TV deals and income through his show.

11 Things Went South For Him When He Was A Young Man

One thing about watching the many seasons of Dog The Bounty Hunter is that we got to learn a lot about Duane Chapman and his early life. Little by little, Duane started to reveal more and more details to the camera, until we were able to paint a picture of his early life which was pretty much complete. The fact of the matter is that he was put away when he was a very young man. This was the catalyst that made him want to change his ways, and he became a bounty hunter soon afterwards.

10 How His Life Changed With Beth’s Troubles

In more recent years, Duane and his wife Beth haven’t exactly had it easy. Sure, they’ve been able to put the busy lives of their show and careers behind them, but they’ve also been dealing with something which is potentially even more grueling, which is a serious health issue. Beth has been struggling with her health fairly recently, and this prompted A&E to release a special called Dog And Beth: The Fight Of Their Lives. This gave us an inside look into the family’s struggle, and it was released in 2017. Beth is currently stable.

9 He Used To Sell Vacuum Cleaners 

As unlikely as it might sound, Duane “Dog” Chapman actually used to be a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. In an interview with Esquire, Chapman revealed: “When I was on the road selling [vacuum cleaners], I’d check into the suite, because I knew that I had to sell to be able to stay there. Everyone else was checking into the $39.95. I wanted the $149 one with its own kitchen. And I worked harder.” We’re sure that he found his later career of bounty hunting a lot more fulfilling than his prior job!

8 He Said That Having Kids Saved His Life

In that same interview with Esquire magazine, Duane Chapman touched on the importance of his own children in his life. He stated: “You probably should have more kids – two isn’t enough. Half of me being alive and successful is having the responsibility of the children. The kids have saved my life.” The fact that Duane Chapman takes his children very seriously is something that comes across very strongly, in pretty much every episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter. To say he’s a family man would probably be a bit of an understatement!

7 Dog Had A Cameo In Sharknado 4 

Even though Dog the bounty hunter is best known for his appearances on his own show, that’s not to say he hasn’t appeared in other productions. In fact, Duane Chapman is no stranger to having cameos on a wide range of shows and movies. He has appeared in Corner GasCriss Angel MindfreakGeorge LopezMy Name Is EarlGene Simmons Family Jewels, and even Hawaii Five-0. But perhaps one of his most entertaining cameos came when he appeared in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, as a chainsaw salesman.

6 He’s Now In His 60s 

It’s been a while since we have seen anything from Dog the bounty hunter. Why is this? Is he just not that popular anymore? Is he struggling to get new TV deals? Many people have pointed out a different possibility – he’s getting old. In fact, he now 65 years of age. This might come as a surprise, but keep in mind he was already quite old when the show started, at the age of around 50. If Duane Chapman wants to sit back and retire now after a pretty successful life, we can’t really blame him.

5 The Show Was Cancelled After 8 Seasons

And it’s not like he can go back to the show that made him famous in the first place. The show was cancelled, and it’s not coming back. According to the Huffington Post in 2012, the show was ditched by A&E after “negotiations broke down.” This was during a time when things weren’t going well for Duane Chapman and his family, and he was involved in a few difficult matters. However, it must be said that the show was a huge success, and it was televised for a whopping 8 seasons before it was finally cancelled.

4 The Theme Song Is Sung By Ozzy Osbourne

One of the most iconic and memorable parts of Dog The Bounty Hunter was its intro. In this first scene, we are shown clips of Dog and his family tracking down fugitives and engaging in chases, all while a seriously epic theme song plays. Many of us still remember the tune and lyrics of this song to this day, and as far as TV show theme songs go, it was a pretty good one. But you might not be aware of the fact that the artists who sang this song was none other than Ozzy Osbourne. That’s right, the iconic rocker lent his vocal cords to Dog for a totally unique and catchy theme song.

3 His Mother Was A Pastor

Those who watched more than a few episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter know that he is a very spiritual man. His entire family really engages in prayer and exercises that promote togetherness and unity. It’s not uncommon to see this family come together, hold hands, and wish for safety and protection in their future endeavors. This might have something to do with the fact that Duane Chapman’s mother was actually a Pastor. She instilled Christian values in her son from an early age.

2 What’s The Deal With Dog’s Badge?

It’s easy to see that Duane Chapman took meticulous care over his appearance when he we went to work as a bounty hunter. We’ve already mentioned his black outfit, his bulletproof vest, and other tactical accessories. But perhaps the most iconic and noticeable things he wears is a badge. Obviously Duane Chapman is not a police officer, so why does he carry a badge? And what does the badge actually have on it? Well, he probably has what’s known as a “bail bondsmen” badge. This badge isn’t a real police badge, but it does carry some authority behind it. As bail bondsman, he is technically an “officer of the court,” and has the authority to make arrests.

1 He Wrote A Best-Selling Book

While it might surprise some that Duane Chapman actually wrote a book, it shouldn’t really be that shocking. After all, if anyone has a some interesting stories to tell, it’s Dog the bounty hunter. According to the New York Times, his first book, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide, debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List in 2007. He later followed that book up with, Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given. If you want to learn more about Duane Chapman’s life and career, why not check out these books?

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