20 Reasons Why Brad And Angie Aren’t Prepping Their Kids For Real Life

Having six children is tough especially when you’re so busy like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Angie has all her UN humanitarian work and directing films and Brad has all his acting schedules. Due to conflicting schedules, each child had their own nanny and the kids would run amuck in the household and have no rules which nannies have confessed to magazine publications. Jolie wants a bohemian way of parenting for her kids ,meanwhile Brad had a more disciplinarian approach, but this would confuse the kids since they’re being brought up two different ways. Angie also doesn’t believe in the schooling system; therefore, the brood is home-schooled with a tutor, but Jolie still has a say in what they are taught! Angie also travels to war zones with her kids and Brad isn’t happy about that and Maddox even had a birthday at a refugee camp. We all know how eccentric Angie is and she lets her children see that side of her from doing weird things and buying Maddox daggers.

Jolie even claims her children are her best friends which is really messed up and she doesn’t want to be emotional in front of them and hides it. Brad had a drinking problem and because of it, there was an incident that happened on a private jet between him and Maddox. But Angie did file for divorce soon after it. The kids even follow Angie’s eating habits! Brad and Angie have their hands full and these twenty parenting ways have ruined their children for life!

20 Her Easy-Going Approach To Parenting

Nannies that worked for the couple have come clean and confirmed how it really is in the household. One nanny state that the kids will ignore bedtime rules.

“In the middle of the night, they’re running down the hallway waking their parents up and trying to get into their beds.”

Plus, they had no control over their children. Brad even joked how the household actually is: “That’s morning time in our house. It’s chaos from morning until the lights go out, and sometimes after that.” Now that Brad is gone Angie’s brother, James Haven reportedly has taken over Brad’s disciplinary way of parenting and is now chief of responsibility of the kids. Angie even confessed why she is so laid back. “The idea of doing something more than once and doing it when you’re told — no four-year-old isn’t going to do what you tell them to do anyway.” Angie made this statement after struggling to get Vivienne to listen. Since there is no discipline the kids think they can do what they want now.

19 Weird Obsessions

Angelina has been in the press for her weird obsessions especially her fascination with blood. Jolie’s old friend reveals Angie’s side, “She tries to hide it, but she has a crazy side to her that’s beyond just being quirky.” Angie’s friend also admits her obsession with her kid’s blood. “When Angelina’s kids get cuts and scrapes, she saves their discarded bandages in a large jar, she thinks she’s being edgy and artistic, but to others, she just seems weird.” Jolie also locks herself in the basement to exercise for hours and she does it every day according to Jolie’s employee.

“She uses those endless workouts as a way to escape her family. “No one is to bother her during that time.”

Okay, Angie sure has quirky habits and it’s in plain view of her children and they may think its normal behaviour now and don’t see anything wrong with it. The children may have even developed weird obsessions themselves after seeing their mother do these weird things.

18 The Kids Have No Rules

Former employees and friends of Jolie’s have confessed that the children don’t even have rules especially of what they are allowed to eat. The friend admits how the kids love their sugar and Angie doesn’t make them stop. “The kids eat fast food every day, doughnuts for breakfast.” Brad and Angie’s friends say it’s really bad and when the kids are full of sugar it’s crazy hour.

“The kids are all goofed up on sugar, and after Shiloh has five cookies in a row and Maddox downs his third orange Fanta, it’s crazy hour.”

Shiloh has a full-on sugar obsession and Angie isn’t bothered! The kids don’t even have rules to keep their personal hygiene clean. “Angelina does not insist the kids brush every day or wash hands before meals. They bathe whenever they want, which is not often.” Since Angie and Brad don’t care the kids don’t know what’s right from wrong and think what they are doing is fine and normal.

17 They’re Home-Schooled 

Angie doesn’t want her children to go to public or even private school. Angie believes the school system is bad and won’t be good for her kids.

“I do think we live in a different age and the education system hasn’t caught up with our children and our way of life.”

Jolie also wants her kids to be able to travel on the go. “I’m the first person to say, get the school work done as quickly as possible because let’s go out and explore.” The kids are being home-schooled at their mansion in California and Jolie did hire a tutor, but she also likes to oversee the home-schooling because she wants to have a say in what they should study. The kids study the basics such as Maths, but they are learning a language they want and learning musical instruments as well as self-defence classes. The kids sure are busy!

16 They Are Her Best Friends

Have you ever heard a parent say their kids are their best friends? Well that’s exactly what Angie said in an interview. “They’re the best friends I’ve ever had.” Jolie didn’t even really receive any support from friends but instead got support from the children.

“They really help me so much. We’re really such a unit, nobody in my life has ever stood by me more.”

Jolie doesn’t have many female friends as she prefers being at home. “Well, I have a few girlfriends, I just, I stay at home a lot. I’m just not very social. I don’t do a lot with them, and I’m very homebound.” Now that Brad is out of the picture, Angie is only focusing on her children. According to E News, Angie isn’t even dating. “She’s very focused on her kids and doesn’t have a lot going on outside of that.” This year the brood has accompanied their mom to numerous red-carpet events and it appears the kids are joined to their mom’s hip especially after the divorce.

15 The House Is Always A Mess

Things are so out of control that Jolie doesn’t even have time to clean the house and it’s a mess. When Brad was in the picture, the house was more in control in regard to organization and the maintenance of the house. Now that Pitt is gone, Angie feels overwhelmed, especially since it was never her strong suit. A family insider reveals how bad it is. “It’s a cross between a trashed frat house and a DayGlo-covered rave club.” Jolie even lets them draw on their bedroom walls and they love food fights.

“Food and water fights and soccer games inside the house remain the norm.”

Imagine the mess! Even when Brad was living in the house a housekeeper come clean about their slob behaviours. “They live with pizza boxes around them, food left out to spoil, and toothpaste and crayon marks on the walls.” The housekeeper also shares how the kids love having toothpaste wars and leave the mess on the walls.

14 Angie Lets Her Kids Express Themselves Freely

Fair enough for letting your kids express themselves by how they want to dress and act but it’s a different story for Brad and Angie. We all know how Shiloh loves acting like a boy and she has been since she was little. Angie and Brad let Shiloh do what she wants in regard to her identity and they have been since she was little. “She wants to be a boy, so we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything.” They also call her John and if they call her Shiloh she corrects them. Psychologist Golland says it’s normal for kids to dress like the different gender since it’s a phase and they grow out of it. Although Shiloh is in her pre-teen days and she still dresses and acts like a boy. Glenn Stanton, director of Family Formation Studies states that when it’s more than a phase and parents need to act differently and be directive as it’s unlikely to change. Vivienne even wore a suit this year at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Angie’s new movie!

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13 Maddox’ Hobby 

All boys like to play with toy weapons when they are young, but when Maddox developed an obsession with weapons when he was younger, Brad and Angie supported his love with a necklace in the shape of a weapon and Angie even went a step further when Maddox was seven since Angie received the same gift when she was young. “My mom took me to buy my first dagger when I was 11 or 12, and I’ve already bought Maddox some.” According to family friends, Angie lets her sons play with weapons, too. They pretend to shoot with antiques ones and Angie and Brad didn’t see any trouble with it. Family friends are concerned, A lot of people think she and Brad need to put a stop to it, but that’s not likely to happen.”

12 They Don’t Want Their Kids To See Their Heartbreak

After the split, Jolie didn’t want to cry in front of her children. “I do not want my children to be worried about me. I think it’s very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them. They need to know that everything’s going to be all right even when you’re not sure it is.” Angie doesn’t want to show emotion since she was very worried about her mother and it occurred on a regular basis. Brad also doesn’t let the children see his emotions as well because of his upbringing.

“I come from a place where, you know, it’s strength if we get a bruise or cut or ailment we don’t discuss it, we just deal with it. We just go on.”

Because of this Pitt implements the covering up act as well because of his father’s war mentality. Pitt wants to reveal more emotion, especially since the divorce. “I got to be more. I gotta be more for them. I have to show them. And I haven’t been great at it.”

11 The Children Each Have A Nanny 

The Jolie family has a full household with six nannies, a cook, and a tutor. Angie even chose the nannies to reflect each child’s unique heritage. After the divorce, Jolie employed two more nannies. The nannies are there for the kids especially during jet lag from travelling.

“The nannies sit up watching cartoons with the children at all hours of the night, while Brad and Angie are sleeping soundly in another room.”

The nannies also stated that Brad and Angie left to get away to get some peace and when they did, the pair checked into a hotel. Pitt even said, “You got to leave.” The nannies have tried to get the kids into a routine but have failed since they travel regularly. Angie also reportedly rents a suite in Los Angeles when she wants to get away. Angie wants her adopted children to know their heritage and implement their culture in their lives and it appears that’s why Jolie hires a nanny that will reflect that certain culture.

10 Jolie’s Odd Diet

According to In Touch Weekly, Angie has a strange diet and which changes often. An employee confessed Jolie had one food obsession which lasts for days. “Light soups that didn’t have a cream base — that became the constant request.” Angie’s rule is leftovers must be thrown out. Brad is concerned that the kids will copy her bizarre eating habits which they have — eating bugs. During a trip to Cambodia, Angie did an interview during a segment of her and the kids cooking and eating bugs. It’s creepy! The weird menu consists of crickets, scorpions, and tarantulas and the children love it, especially Shiloh.

“Shiloh loves a tarantula, loves a bug. They can eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips.”

Maddox and Pax preferred choices were crickets and Angie said they ate them like they would a bag of Dorito’s. Okay then well, that proves the kids have now developed weird eating habits as well!

9 Angie Can’t Say No To Letting Kids Get A Tattoo

When Maddox wanted a tattoo at age five Jolie was all for it and actually gave her consent. Angie even helped him pick out one — a Buddhist symbol for protection, but Brad stopped it as he believed Maddox was way too young. Thank goodness because five is too young to be getting a tattoo! Although, when Maddox was seven months old ,he was given henna tattoos. Brad and Angie both have tattoos and Angie’s back is full of them. Jolie said Maddox and Zahara asked the couple if they could get inked and Brad refused. Angie, on the other hand, said, “How do I say ‘no?'” It seems Angie changed her tune after the Maddox incident. The kid’s fascination with tattoos arises from their mother’s impressive ink collection. An insider close to Angie said, “They are obsessed with her tattoos and always ask what they mean.” Angie doesn’t mind explaining as she is “happy to explain her tats to the kids.”

8 Therapists Need To Be Available When Brad Visits

Divorce is never easy for children, especially when the kids are young, and the Jolie and Pitt clan are enduring the most of their parent’s divorce especially since it has been ongoing since 2016. Jolie developed strict rules for Brad to follow as Pitt used to have a problem with substances. Brad must take random tests four times a month. Plus, they have to do group therapy with their kids. A psychologist, Ian Russ will decide when the kids can see their dad. Jolie filed a document in court and a judge approved it. The document states, “frequency and conditions of the therapeutic visitation shall be determined by Russ.” Brad even must have a therapist with him when seeing the kids. The visit was emotional according to Daily Mail:

“He had tears in his eyes and tried to hold it together because he didn’t want them to get upset because he was crying.”

It was an emotional situation for the kids as well.

7 The Children Aren’t Allowed To Socialize Outside The House

According to the Daily Mail, there are no house rules except for one. “The children aren’t encouraged to make any friends outside of the family circle.” Nannies have confessed that the kids are shy on the rare occasions they do socialise with other kids. “But these are children, plus orphans have abandonment issues, so they need roots, ties, friends, all the things that they don’t have.” The only form of communication the brood have is with each other, their parents, nannies, and tutor. Well, they are always seen with their mom at her red-carpet events. Jolie even schedules individual mommy time with each of them.

“I schedule individual time with each of the kids like a crazy person. I know what I’m doing with my boys tonight — play board games all night.”

Family time is important, but children should also spend time with other kids their own age and who aren’t family.

6 There Is No Routine

Jolie loves to take her children everywhere she goes to and because of that they travel a lot. Angie has even said, “Our kids are always packing, they like to pack. It’s a game in our house.” Jolie and Brad also have quite a few houses which they spent time in each one, therefore, the kids have no routine because they’re continuously globetrotting. The children have settled in New Orleans and in France. They have also called hotels their temporary home. Since Brad and Angie have split their lack of routine has become worse. According to a nanny,

“Brad might suddenly turn up and decide to eat pizza with the kids or he’ll take them out for the day and totally throw their routines.”

Angelina also has bought a new mansion in California and once again, the kids were uprooted. Angie also travels a lot and she likes to take them with. With all this, the kids are always on the go.

5 Jolie And The Media

Angie wants her life splashed in the media and she makes it happen by giving her children weird names, frequent attendance at events, the occasional public appearances, scandal they’ve overcome and publicly released photos of baby photos. Angie and Brad’s relationship from dating to marriage and then finally divorce was laid out in the tabloids and made public. Pitt and Jolie also wanted to make controlled photoshoots and flattering paparazzi shots. After the divorce announcement, Brad was furious that she put the kid’s lives in danger with media storm. TMZ reports that Angie’s stories that she spun because of fury developed the media’s interest and paparazzi were surrounding her house. LAPD was patrolling at regular intervals. Brad pleaded to Jolie that they handle the divorce “like adults.” When Maddox was young, Jolie organized a paparazzi shot by telling US Weekly where she would be playing with Maddox and she even gave them the time!

4 Angie Doesn’t Want Her Kids To Be Actors

Jolie has come clean by admitting her and Brad don’t want their kids to become actors. “I think we’re hoping to show them so many ideas and other options that they won’t want to act.” Angie admits if they do want to act they must do something else as well. Although all their kids are showing interest in creative things mainly music as Angie made her kids to learn how to play instruments.

“They are actually very interested in being musicians. I think they like the process of film from the outside. Mad is interested in editing. Pax loves music and deejaying.”

All the lessons paid off since they would like to do things in the music business instead of acting. Maddox is interested in the film industry but the directing side of it as he worked with Angie on her latest movie. Angie even has other plans for her children, “But I’m hoping that when they see all the other things in the world, they’ll be inspired to be writers, politicians, activists.”

3 The Issue With The Plane Trip

We all know that Brad had a problem and things got out of hand between Brad and Maddox during a flight and Jolie filed for divorce after the incident. According to a friend of Brad’s, he and Angie were arguing after Pitt had a few and Maddox stepped in to protect Angie. The incident was investigated but luckily for Brad, the allegations were dropped. Brad’s unnamed friend states that Brad was yelling in the video, but he never got physical. Angie stated she decided to call quit for the sake of the health of her family. Maddox didn’t want to see Brad after the incident as he was upset, but finally, after a month he agreed to it and saw Brad with a therapist which is part of the agreement. Their relationship still needs to be fully fixed and it will take a while. Brad has stopped his bad habits and is turning his life around, but his children will remember that ordeal.

2 Brad Is A Stricter Parent

Kids can become confused when there are differences in parenting approaches, especially when the one is strict and the other is more laid back. Nannies had a hard time with the children, ‘They’re very hot and cold with all the staff. They’re very physical and boisterous and hard to handle – especially because there’s six of them. The eleven-year-old [Zahara], is the one who instigates it all.” The two-different parenting collided especially when they were still together. “Brad has always been stricter, he has wanted the kids to have more structure. Brad will get frustrated sometimes and yell at the kids.” The unnamed friend also said that Angie never yells at the children. It was one of the reasons for the split as she didn’t like Brad’s parenting methods since he was seen as the bad cop. Now that Brad isn’t there to discipline the children anymore, they are free to do what they want and may have a difficult time of being exposed to two different parenting approaches.

1 Angie Takes The Kids To Dangerous Areas 

Brad is concerned that the kids accompany Jolie on her humanitarian work tours in war zones because of the danger. Angie took them to Iraq and Lebanon and Pitt was still worried even with high security. The kids often join Angie on her humanitarian trips. Jolie took Shiloh and Zahara to Ethiopia and Maddox to Iraq in the past. According to Daily Mail, Angie wants her kids to join her on these excursions because of the cultural benefits. The kids make regular visits to these sorts of countries since their mom is a UN ambassador. Maddox even spent his eighth birthday at a refugee camp in Iraq and that was his present. Jolie told the publication that she wants the children to be global citizens and that these trips are good for their development. Yes, culture trips are good for children to learn from, but putting them in the line of danger isn’t good since anything can happen.

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