21 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Who Will DEFINITELY Die In Season 8

While there are many months left to go until Game of Thrones Season 8, it’s never to early to think about the final season. Whether you’re deep in the middle of a series-long re-watch or just feeling some kind of pop culture homesickness for the goings on in Westeros, it’s never a bad time to speculate and prepare. Here’s a list of characters who will die in Game of Thrones Season 8 — most likely, that is.

All of the news coming out of the final season does not look good for the majority of the cast, honestly. Cast members and HBO executives have been promising fans they’ll weep at the final season, which indicates a bloodbath. In an interview with Bustle, weapons designer Natalia Lee also said that pretty much everyone has been killed off at this point. Then again, Joe Dempsie has said Gendry is in quite a bit of Season 8, after rowing in circles for a couple years, and that’s proof enough that anything can happen!

They don’t call it the end for nothing. A whole lot of people died even before the Night King used Dany’s fire-breathing son to break down the Wall. So, who won’t make it going forward? Here are some guesses that would make even Marvel’s Thanos recoil, saying, "Whoa, too much!"

1. Euron Greyjoy

Let’s start with one most fans would be happy to see go. Euron is too ambitious and reckless to survive the series, point blank.

2. Jaime Lannister

As gratifying as it would be to see Jaime break free of his sister’s hold and join the heroes once and for all, even the twisted poetic justice that Game of Thrones serves means that he likely won’t survive redemption.

3. Cersei Lannister

Unless she willingly gives up the throne, the game cannot be won unless she dies. So that’s kind of a given.

4. Arya Stark

Arya Stark went from precocious child to stone cold assassin. Will she make a mistake? Will her past catch up to her? She’s capable of surviving, but it’s not just the North that remembers. She has some serious enemies.

5. Bran Stark

Maybe you find Raven Bran (the most popular cereal in Westeros) annoying now, but even so, consider this — how boring and without conflict is a story with a character who has all the answers? From a writer’s room perspective, that marks Bran for doom.

6. Beric Dondarrion

He has to die sometime, right?

7. Robin Arryn

Sure, he’s not the worst, but eventually the adults are going to stop protecting this brat — and if any structure in Westeros needs to come down, it’s the Eyrie. That tower is too dangerous.

8. Brienne of Tarth

This one will hurt — but what’s Brienne’s place in all of this? She fulfilled her promise to reunite the Starks. She and Jaime may fight together again, but the White Walkers are probably going to take a lot of lives. Hers could be one of the many.

9. Podrick Payne

Another secondary character who may get offed in the crossfire. Nothing personal.

10. Lord Varys

In order for whatever new regime comes in to take over, a lot of the old advisors have to go. Clean slate. That includes Varys, whose various betrayals and secrets may finally catch up to him — as well-intentioned as they may be.

11. Grey Worm

Nobody wants this, but look, almost everyone is going to die. Prepare!

12. The Mountain

Now, everybody wants this.

13. The Hound

Feels like Clegane Bowl, if it ever happens, will probably end the both of them.

14. Bronn

Sorry, everyone’s favorite bro. You’re dragon cannon fodder.

15. Theon Greyjoy

Does anyone even want Theon to redeem himself at this point? Just get it over with already!

16. Jorah Mormont

It will be interesting to see what Jorah has to bring to the table in Season 8, after escaping death and banishment and disease so many times. After that? He’s definitely toast. Let Daenerys be great on her own — kill him!

17. Melisandre

To be fair, Melly might not return at all in Season 8. She left for Essos with little intention of visiting again — mostly because Jon Snow promised to kill her if she did. So, there’s that…

18. Qyburn

All of Cersei’s King’s Landing crew has got to go! Sashay away — to death!

19. The Night King

One can only hope.

20. At Least One Direwolf

Only Nymeria and Ghost are left…

21. Jon Snow OR Daenerys Targaryen

Flip a coin, because that’s basically the best description of these two characters. To kill them both off might be an unsatisfying ending, but these two "chosen ones" can’t possible both survive, right? Especially if Daenerys becomes pregnant. A happy family in Westeros is too much to fathom, even at the very end.

Missing from the list, you’ll notice, are a lot of main characters. Somebody has to be left at the end of it all to pick up the pieces, and if at all possible from different families/regions of Westeros. Maybe this is a total miscalculation — but Game of Thrones fans know to be prepared for anything.

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