25 Hidden Spoilers We Missed At The Start Of TV Shows

Warning: The following contains spoilers.

Television has evolved greatly over the last several years. It was once viewed as a joke of a medium. TV actors were always considered secondary and less than movie actors. It was very rare for a TV star to cross over and become a movie star. TV shows were never looked at as being critically acclaimed or held in high regard. Films were always considered the highest form of entertainment and the success meant you’ve really made it. However, that eventually changed and television has surpassed films in many ways.

TV shows now create an insane fandom and loyal fan base. TV has become more cinematic and the storytelling as greatly improved. TV writers now have a lot of fun inserting tiny clues for fans to uncover. Some of the most popular and beloved TV series often drop hints about future plot lines. Fans might even be surprised to find out that several series dropped major hints very early on. Some of these hidden spoilers were about a major twist or character ending. Here is a look at 25 Hidden Spoilers We Missed At The Start of TV Shows.

24 Lost – Locke Foreshadows The Feud Between Jacob And The Man In Black In Pilot

Few shows could generate the type of hysteria that Lost did. The series was hugely popular and had an intensely loyal fan base. Initially, the writers claimed to have plotted every detail out but later revealed some was planned on the fly. However, they did manage to plant a few hidden spoilers. In the pilot, John Locke explains the rules of Backgammon to Walt. Locke said, “Two players. Two sides. One is light, one is dark.” (IMDB) This was a clue to the feud between Jacob and The Man in Black. Additionally, The Man In Black later takes the form of John Locke. It also foreshadowed the events of the final season.

23 Mad Men – Don Draper Predicts Pete’s Receding Hairline In Pilot

The immensely popular Mad Men revolved around ad executive Don Draper and the advertising industry in the 60’s. Early on in the series, Don makes a comment about the eager Pete Campbell, which actually ends up correctly predicting his future. In the pilot episode, Draper tells Campbell that’ll he’ll only become a mid-level executive with a tiny bit of hair. Campbell becomes more than mid-level but Draper is correct about the hair. By the end of the series, Campbell’s hairline is receding as he loses much of it.

22 How I Met Your Mother – Future Ted’s Reveals The Mother’s Name

How I Met Your Mother often dropped all types of hints and clues. Most of the hints revolved around the identity of Ted’s wife and the future mother of his children, Tracy. However, her name and identity are not revealed until towards the end of the series. However, there is a major hint early on to the name of The Mother. While at a gentlemen’s club, Ted meets one of the dancers who introduces herself as Tracy. Future Ted then informs his kids that’s their mother. They’re shocked until he tells them he’s joking although he did reveal her name to the audience.

21 House of Cards – Zoe’s passing Alluded To In First Episode

House of Cards is a wildly popular series that is one of Netflix’s greatest shows. The political drama has kept fans guessing but the writers have been dropping hints the whole way. The second season featured the passing of Zoe Barnes when Frank throws her in front of a subway train. However, he alluded to this passing very early on in the first season. In fact, he openly admits that he doesn’t use someone unless he can throw him or her away after. It seemed like he meant politically but in the end, for Zoe, it meant being throw in front of a train.

20 The Good Place – Eleanor Predicts The Bad Palace

The Good Place revolves around a saleswoman that is mistaken for a human rights lawyer. After dying, she ends up in “The Good Place” but soon realizes she should actually be in “The Bad Place”. She tries to become a good person to hide the fact she shouldn’t be there. However, at the end of the first season, it’s revealed that that “Good Place” is, in fact, the “Bad Place.” Early in the series, Eleanor foreshadows that the Good Place is the Bad Place. She comments that her parents must be in The Bad Place together because they’d annoy each other. Each soul is chosen for the Bad Place because their personalities would be “torture” for the others, which is what Eleanor is experiencing.

19 The Sopranos – Tony Foreshadows Christopher’s passing

The Sopranos revolved around a mobster, Tony Soprano, who struggles to balance his family life and crime life. He beings to suffer from panic attacks and starts seeing a psychiatrist. Tony is very close with his nephew Christopher Moltisanti who at one time is the heir apparent. However, Christopher’s is forced to go to rehab. In season 4, Tony warns Christopher if he falls off the wagon he will end Christopher with his bare hands. This is exactly what happens in the final season after Tony realizes Christopher’s been using again. At the time it seemed like an empty threat but it turned out to be a prediction.

American Horror Story – Credits Reveal Identity Of New Supreme

American Horror Story is a popular anthology series. Each season features its own set of characters, plot and locations. The series is often praised for the unique opening credits for each season. They’re different but share common traits such as dropping hints and clues. The big question throughout AHS: Coven is who becomes The Supreme. The Supreme is the leader of the coven and posses seven powers or gifts. The Supreme ends up being Sarah Paulson’s character Cordeila Foxx. It might seem like a surprise but there is a big hint in the credits. Next to Paulson’s name is a symbol of folk saint Santa Muerte. She is often known as the Lady of Death or Lady of The Seven Powers.

18 Mr. Robot – Pilot Spoils Major Twist

Mr. Robot is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on television. It keeps fans guessing and on the edge of their seats. The series fully established itself with the season 1 twist. A computer hacker named Elliot begins to work with a mastermind Mr. Robot. It’s revealed in the end that Mr. Robot is actually Elliot’s alter ego that is created to look like his deceased father. However, several hints are dropped throughout the season the Mr. Robot is Elliot. The biggest hint being that Mr. Robot only speaks to Elliot. The twist is reminiscent of the twist ending of the cult classic Fight Club.

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17 How I Met Your Mother – Flash-Foward Reveals Mother’s fate

How I Met Your Mother was a massively popular series that revolved around one burning mystery. Who does Ted marry? The series created a bit of controversy with the ending. The mother’s identity is eventually revealed but the series drops another twist as The Mother dies. Many fans were upset with the mother’s passing but they should have seen it coming. In a flash-forward, Ted explains to his wife Tracy’s about Robin’s mother not showing up to her wedding. Tracy wonders what kind of mother could miss her daughter’s wedding. This causes Ted to choke up and become emotional. That’s because Tracy has already been diagnosed and is sick.

16 Stranger Things – Nancy Reveals Barb’s Location

The sci-fi fantasy thriller Stranger Things has made a huge impact on the television business. The series has become a massive hit and is critically acclaimed. The series is often dropping tiny hints that can be easy to miss. In season 1, Nancy’s friend Barb goes missing. Barb’s mom confronts Nancy but she lies and tells her Barb is at the library with her head buried in books. Nancy didn’t realize that her lie was actually the truth. Barb was taken to the Upside Down and is found dead in a pile of books in the library.

15 Bates Motel – The Shower Scene

Bates Motel is a contemporary prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 horror film Psycho. The film is best remembered for the iconic shower scene. The writers of Bates knew that fans would be waiting for the scene. In the first episode, the writers alluded to the iconic scene while also foreshadowing future events. In the episode, the former owner of the hotel attacks Norma Bates but she defends herself and takes him out. She enlists her son Norman to help take care of the body. They initially hide the body in the same bathtub that will later serve for one of the most iconic and brutal passings in cinema history as well as the series itself.

14 Spartacus – Sura’s Dream of Spartacus

Spartacus revolved around historical figure Spartacus who leads a slave revolt. Due to Spartacus being a real person, his passing was no surprise or mystery. However, the writers still planted the seeds for his passing early on. In the first episode, his wife Sura has a dream of his passing while he’s in battle. She dreams of him kneeling before a red serpent. In the series finale, Spartacus is about to take out Marcus Crassus when soldiers stab him twice in the back and once in the leg with spears. This causes him to drop to his knees and inadvertently kneel before Crassus. Spartacus later dies from his injuries.

13 Parks and Recreation – Leslie’s Triplets

Parks and Recreation revolved around the deputy director of the parks department, Leslie Knope, and her loyal staff. Knope is excellent at her job but struggles in love. She goes on several dates before she meets her soul mate Ben Wyatt. In season 6, they find out they’re having triplets. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the writes dropped a huge hint in season 2. Knope goes on a date with Chris (Will Arnett) who is a MRI technologist. On the date, he gives her a medical scan. He states, “You got a great oven. You got ample room in there. You could go triplets, right off the bat.” (Buzzfeed)

12 The Wire – D’Angelo Predicts Character’s fate

The critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire revolved around the police, gangs and crime in the city of Baltimore. In season 1, high-ranking Barksdale gang member, D’Angelo Barksdale, explains the hierarchy of the drug world to low-level dealers Wallace and Bodie using a chess game. He explains the pawns are expendable and are always the first pieces eliminated in the game. His explanation foreshadows the fate of the two characters he’s talking with. Both are soldiers or “pawns” in the drug game. In fact, Bodie takes out Wallace in the season 1 finale. Bodie survives a bit longer but suffers a similar fate.

11 Futurama – Nibbler’s Shadow

Futurama is one of the most popular animated series. It followed a 20th century pizza delivery boy, Fry, who is accidently cryogenically frozen and awakes in the 31st century. However, the writers dropped in a very tiny hint in the pilot episode that wouldn’t get paid off for several seasons. Fans noticed a small shadow when Fry’s chair falls over and he’s frozen. Later, fans began to realize the shadow belonged to Nibbler. It’s later revealed that Nibbler is the one that pushed over Fry’s chair causing him to become frozen. Later, Fry attempts to stop Nibbler but is instead convinced to knock the chair over himself.

10 Breaking Bad – Season Two Titles

Breaking Bad revolved around a chemistry teacher, Walter White. He goes from being a regular nice guy to someone involved in the wrong side of things. The season 2 finale featured a tragic plane crash that is indirectly caused by Walter. Throughout the season, certain episodes begin with a bizarre black and white scene, which is actually the aftermath of the plane crash. When the titles of those episodes are put together is spells out “737 Down ABQ”, which is a hint to the plane crash in the season finale.

9 Arrested Development – Buster’s Hand

Arrested Development followed the exploits of the corrupt and dysfunctional Bluth family. The series had its up and down but is regarded as a classic comedy. In season 2 episode 11, Buster Bluth famously loses his hand after a seal bites it off. However, the writers strongly hinted that he’d lose his hand. In fact, it’s a running joke throughout the series before he loses it. Prior to losing it, Buster makes numerous references to a “hook”, which temporarily replaces his hand. In the third episode of season 2, Buster sees his old hand chair and states, “Wow, I never thought I’d miss a hand so much.” (IMDB)

8 Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Dawn’s Arrival

The beloved TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer revolved around Buffy Summers and her friends as they battled against evil forces. In season 5, Buffy’s younger sister Dawn is added to the series. However, her arrival had first been hinted to in the season 3 finale. In the season 3 finale dream sequence, Faith says “Little Miss Muffet counting down 730.” Little Miss Muffet is in reference to Dawn’s arrival in season 5. 730 is in reference to the number of days until Buffy’s passing, which is the season 5 finale. It’s one of the most popular hints dropped by the series.

7 Pretty Little Liars – Alison’s Halloween Story Reveals Future Plot Twist

Pretty Little Liars was an incredibly popular show that had a loyal fan base. The series lasted seven seasons and ended with a huge reveal. However, the writers planted a hidden clue in season 2. The series had many mysterious but the identity of “A.D” had fans coming up with many different theories. It’s revealed that Spencer Hastings had a twin sister Alex Drake that was out for revenge. In season 2, Allison tells a Halloween story about twins with one being good and the other evil. It foreshadowed the reveal that Spencer had an evil twin all along.

6 The West Wing – Zoey’s Abduction described in Season 1

The critically and commercially acclaimed West Wing revolved around President of the United States, Josiah Bartlet, and his staff. The series was known for its brilliant writing. In season four, The President’s daughter is abducted due in part to her careless behavior. However, the series dropped the hint that she’d be all the way back in season 1. In fact, the President goes into great detail of how she could be abducted in a club bathroom and risk the lives of secret service agents. Her season 4 kidnapping is similar to the President’s description, which he later acknowledges.

5 Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul – Saul’s Last Words To Walter White

Better Call Saul is the critically acclaimed prequel to Breaking Bad. It follows the exploits of lawyer Jimmy McGill (Saul) prior to the events of Breaking Bad. Saul’s last appearance in Breaking Bad and his final words foreshadow his future on the prequel series. Saul tells Walter that it’s over and if he’s lucky he’ll be working at a Cinnabon in a month. That’s Saul’s final appearance on Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul opens up with a flash-forward of Saul after he leaves Walter. As he predicted, he’s working at a Cinnabon.

4 True Detective – A Hidden Clue Revealing Yellow King

The first season of True Detective was universally praised. It featured incredible storytelling filled with red herrings and hidden messages. At one point, the writers gave away a huge clue to the identity of the man, The Yellow King. The detectives realize that they crossed paths with the Yellow King previously. He was seen mowing the grass outside of the school. He seemed like a minor character but the writers dropped in a huge clue. The school’s sign is partially covered and the phrase “Notice King” is hidden in the board as he mows the grass.

3 Gossip Girl – Gossip Girl’s Identity

For years, Gossip Girl kept its fans guessing about the identity of the mysterious Gossip Girl. Fans wondered if it was Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf. Turns out it wasn’t a girl at all. The big reveal is that Gossip Girl is actually Dan Humphrey. It wasn’t a last minute decision as the writers dropped hints as early as the first episode. In fact, the first time Gossip Girl utters the line “XOXO Gossip Girl”, Dan is shown sitting in front of his computer and slams it shut when Jenny enters the room. As Jenny leaves she gets a notice that Gossip Girl just posted.

2 30 Rock – Kenneth Is Immortal

The critically acclaimed sitcom, 30 Rock, revolved around the head writer of a sketch comedy show TGS with Tracy Jordan. The series ends with an apparently immortal Kenneth Parcell becoming NBC President and running the TV division for years and possibly centuries. Kenneth being immortal is actually hinted to early on in the series. There are several references made throughout the show. In season one, Dr. Spaceman has a pamphlet on his desk titled “Never Die”, which features a picture of Kenneth. The end of the series confirms that he’s immortal when he’s shown in the future and looks exactly the same.

1 Game of Thrones – The Direwolves Predicts The Stark Family’s Future

The critically and commercially acclaimed Game of Thrones is considered one of the greatest shows ever made. The series has one more season left and a plethora of questions to answer. However, the series has been dropping hints and foreshadowing since the beginning. In the first episode, Ned Stark is out with his sons when they discover a dead direwolf and stag. They also find six little pups and each Stark gets their own direwolf. The direwolf is the Stark sigil and a stag the Baratheon sigil but it also predicts the season one finale. King Robert Bartheon and Ned are taken out much like the direwolf and stag. Additionally, the six Stark kids that are left on their own and separated much like the pups.

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