25 Tips On How To Take Share-Worthy Pics For Social Media

Taking Instagram pictures wherever you go seems to be the trend these days, especially if you are on vacation. We’ve seen some pretty incredible and unique social media photos over the years. If you are looking to up your Gram game, then you have come to the right place.

With the rise of social media, we find that we have multiple ways in which we can share pictures. In fact, it has become so popular that it’s almost expected of us to share pictures on a regular basis. After all, if you don’t take vacations photos are we even to believe you actually went on vacation?

If you want to take some epic Instagram pictures, there are a few things to know. After all, taking a picture at a coffee shop will be very different from taking photos on the beach. If you’re looking tp change your Instagram page, then keep on reading. You need to know what you are doing in order to start gaining followers and to have people truly appreciate the pictures that you have posted. Check out these 25 tips on how to take Instagram-worthy pics on vacation.

25 Clean the Lens on Your Camera

You might not even realize how dirty your phone camera lens is at the time you’re taking pictures. Let’s be honest, we take our phones everywhere and they are probably a lot dirtier than we may realize. Chances are, your iPhone screen is pretty dirty and that can be hard to remember when you whip your phone out to take a photo. It can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to take awesome pictures. It just takes a second to wipe down your screen before taking a photo.

24 Take Your Photos Horizontally

It’s always best to get as much scenery in the picture as possible. “I always take the shot with the phone in horizontal position.

The objective is to get the most part of the scenery in the original picture. I crop it in square format directly on Instagram — then I have the choice to show what I want,”

said user @toinou1375. It makes sense, right? Some people think that a picture is better if they are as up close as possible, but that’s not necessarily the case. You can create a much better photo if you allow more scenery in it.

23 Try Different Angles

Don’t always use the same angle when you take photos and try out awkward angles. Also, it’s okay to get dirty if it means you are getting a good picture. Just ask any photographer.

“A great photographer once told me, ‘If you want to take a good picture, don’t hesitate to get dirty.’

So if you want the best picture of a scenery or a very original shot, look for new angles — from the ground, from high, over a canal or a river — go where other people don’t go. And always look back when you walk in a place, you might be missing a different view.” Of course, be sure you watch your step and are careful about it.

22 Wait For The Golden Hour

What is the golden hour? This is the time slot that is just after sunrise or right before sunset. It’s important to take your Instagram photos at this time because the sky is not only softer, but it’s a little redder as well. Who needs a filter when you can create awesome photos with natural light and colors. You can create some breathtaking photos with a sunrise as you have probably seen on Instagram. It really doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can find sunsets and sunrises. If you can capture a photo during that golden hour, then you are sure to create some amazing photos.

21 Know What Your Phone Is Capable Of

Be sure to take the time to go through all the filters and all the great editing features on your phone. There’s so much to discover and it could make a real difference to your photo.

“The iPhone is a very capable and versatile camera, but to maximize its potential, you need to familiarize yourself with it.

Most of my iPhone photos are captured with the native iOS Camera app. It is the quickest camera app because it’s right on the lock screen. This allows me to capture precious, short-lived moments before anyone can even turn on their fancy camera.” This of course goes for Android as well.

20 Remember Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break a picture, it doesn’t matter what device you are using. Any professional will tell you that. Lightning is key to getting a great Instagram photo. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a picture at night, during the day, at the beach or in the woods, you have to be aware of the lighting around you.

Nighttime shooting can certainly be more difficult because you don’t have natural light to work with and your iPhone flash can only do so much.

This is definitely something to keep in mind when you think about capturing a good photo.

19 Learn to Use Third-Party Apps

Some pictures can be made even better by using third-party apps and there is no reason to fear them. Sometimes, a bad photo can be saved with just a few tweaks.

“If you know how to post, process, or edit your photo, it’s possible to never take a bad photo! Love it or hate it, most, if not all, professionals tweak or adjust their photos to make a good shot great.

This should apply to pictures taken on your phone as well. There are endless photo editing apps available out there, but my two personal favorites are PS Express and Snapseed.”

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18 Use the Rule of Thirds

If you have ever taken a photography class, then you have probably heard of the rule of thirds. If you use that rule, then you are likely to create better pictures.

“It’s a strategy in the photography world that essentially creates balance by dividing the subject into three sections. Placing the subject inside one of these imaginary sections,”

preferably either of the side sections, tends to be aesthetically-pleasing because it removes the focus from solely the center of the photo.”

17 Make Sure to Focus Your Photo

It can be hard to remember you need to focus your photo when you are trying to grab a selfie with your favorite celebrity. But focusing is pretty important.

“Most smartphones allow you to be able to touch the screen in order to focus on your subject. This tool is incredible when trying to increase the depth of field of an image.

The close you are to your subject, the more depth of field you will get when focusing. This creates an incredible blurry background while your focus point remains sharp.”

16 Be Aware Of Opening Times

If you are taking pictures of landmarks while you are on vacation, a great thing to remember is when the opening times for the landmarks are. One thing that can ruin a great Instagram photo is to have a bunch of tourists in your picture. We’re not worried about real life in Instagram photos, we just want a good picture. If you are going to an attraction, make sure to check the opening times. Then choose to go when there aren’t large crowds around.

15 Play With Nature

Use what you have around you in nature to make your photo even more awesome. It can make your photo even better.

“Play with the elements of nature. Clouds, birds, and sun rays are good elements that usually come out well in a picture. Rain is not your enemy.

The next time there is a storm, go out, take a walk and take advantage of the puddles. Some of their reflections can add pure magic to your photos.”

14 Great Pictures Are All About Timing

If you want a cool Instagram photo, sometimes timing is everything.

“Much like using most cameras, successfully photographing with the iPhone is all about quality of light.

For the most dramatic scenery and landscape photos, try snapping when the sun is low on the horizon — like early morning or late afternoon. Overcast or cloudy days can make great photos as well. When the sun is high up in the sky (hours around noon), I usually go indoors (think museums, cafes, markets, restaurants) and photograph near windows and photograph interior, art, people, food, etc.”

13 Think About Your Theme

If you have a theme for your Instagram page, then it’s important to keep that in mind when you are out taking photos. Is your Instagram theme bold and bright or are they subtle and soft?

Places like Mumbai, Istanbul, and New York are sure to give you bright and beautiful shots.

You can keep that in mind when you are traveling to a new destination. You can keep in mind how you can make the most of your photos while in different locations.

12 Use Crazy Curves and Lines

A photo like this is almost magical. Really be creative when you are taking a picture. See what you can use in your environment to create different images.

“Play with the lines, the curves, the perspectives, and you will have the crazy pictures to go with it.”

You can get many different types of photos when you play around with props and angles, so try and take a look at your subject from a different perspective rather than the obvious. The sky is the limit for what you can do with photography and that’s why it’s so amazing.

11 Check To See What’s In Your Frame

You get to see the depth of the photo because there is a car up front in the frame. So you get to see what’s true when it comes to how tall the building is and how big it is.

“When shooting landscapes, I try to show depth by including something in the shot that helps to show scale and give a more accurate perspective.

Be creative, [for example] line up your hand to make it look like you’re holding the Empire State Building.”

10 Use Proper Filters

Instagram has a ton of filters and some of them are great for scenery while others aren’t. You have to pick the right kind of filter for what you are trying to achieve.

“I would suggest using ‘clarendon’ if you are looking to accentuate the colors of the water and sky because it increases saturation and contrast.

On the other hand, if your photo appears too contrasted and harsh, the ‘gingham’ filter may be the better choice, due to its softening features.”

9 Know when to not use filters

“What? But you just said.” We know what we said, but sometimes, putting in a little effort when it comes to composing the perfect shot will give you a better picture than any filter ever could.

“Using filters on Instagram is a no no for me. A bit of brightness and saturation go a long way,”

said [email protected] Give it a try the next time you take a picture and just say no to filters.

8 Discover the Perfect Backdrop

Creating great photos can mean discovering the perfect backdrop for your photo. Your backdrop can make or break your photo. Take the time to walk around, decide what you want to take a picture of, and make sure you have a backdrop that will either emphasize and/or compliment the subject of your photo. If you are vacationing in paradise, then you can really make use of all the beaches around you to make breathtaking photos. You can also use wooded areas, landmarks, or even murals to create amazing backdrops for your photo.

7 Try Editing Apps

A lot of people will just take a photo, slap a filter, on it and post it to Instagram. But a lot can be said about taking the time to properly edit your photos before posting your pictures. If we’re really honest, most photos aren’t ready to be posted immediately. You can do a lot with editing apps such as Vintage Cam and Afterlight. Even Lightroom will allow you to sharpen the focus and really create a perfect shot.

6 Use Strong Colors Around You

If you are on vacation, especially to a tropical location, then finding beautiful colors should not be hard. If you look for great colors for your photos, then your pictures are sure to be amazing. There are a few things that you can do to create a great photo. Sharp lines, angles, pop of color, and straight lines are exactly the kinds of things that you want to incorporate in your photo. If you do keep in mind your colors, then you can also maintain the theme on your Instagram profile.

5 Tell A Story with Your Photo

Don’t just take a photo of something you like, take the time to figure out how you can tell a story with a single shot. Anyone can take a snapshot of a landmark, but not everyone thinks to tell a story with their photo. Put something in your picture, whether it’s you, someone else, or a local. It gives us something else to look at other than the gorgeous landmark. If you are taking a picture of the Grand Canyon, you may have to improvise. If you are taking a picture of hot chocolate, then add other elements like a spoon or menu to the shot. Give viewers different elements so their eye can wander a little bit and pay attention to the details rather than just the whole picture.

4 Embrace White Walls

The great thing about white walls is that you can focus on other elements in the photo. If you are taking a picture of yourself or someone else, then the background can sometimes be distracting. So a great idea would be to pose in front of a white wall, white stones, or something that is going to allow the actual subject to be the focal point of the photo. You can add as many white backdrop photos as you want to your Instagram to create a theme.

3 Break Up Your Photos With Other Things

Although you want to respect your Instagram theme, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post photos of similar things. While beaches might be your thing, be sure to add some diversity to your page with other subjects like food, people, architecture, or art. You could stay true to your theme through color and texture, so have fun with your subjects and offer viewers some diversity, especially when you’re travelling. It doesn’t always have to be about your hiking trail. Throw in a photo of a food market in there while you’re at it so that your photos really reflect the culture of a city.

2 Try A Waterproof Case

Just imagine the cool photos you can get if you had a waterproof case for your phone. No need to worry, as long as you have a genuine waterproof case, your phone will be fine. Imagine capturing underwater pictures, now your friends really will be jealous of you. You can catch fish, coral, and your partner swimming around. By adding a few cool accessories to your repertoire, you can open up new possibilities to your Instagram profile.

1 Make Use of Bad Weather

Not every day on your vacation will be bright and sunny. But don’t fret, you can make use of the bad weather and create some dark and moody photos. You can use filters on top of the moody weather to create something even more amazing. Experiment with storms and bad weather and see what you can come up with. There are lots of great contrast that can be used when you are dealing with rain. You can take pictures of rain falling again the windows or reflections in puddles — the sky is the limit for what you can do.

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