26 Safari Getaways That Have Guests Sleeping In The Wild

When you think of vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation. Some may picture this relaxation on the beach or in the mountains, but being in the jungle rarely crosses our mind. Well, you may want to think again about becoming one with nature and add a safari adventure to the bucket list. Although sleeping in nature may not be appealing at first, but there are places that make outside a luxury vacation spot. Being in nature doesn’t necessarily mean a million bugs and breaking tents, with the places on this list sleeping outside will seem more appealing than ever. Although when you hear your accommodations might be tents you tend to think of the familiar unsteady and triangular shape, however these tents will make you doubt anything you ever knew about camping. However, not all the accommodations are glamorous tents, there are some nice lodges that are in the middle of reservations where you can wake up to the fresh air and a beautiful view.

Outside of the beautiful views, you will have the chance to see nature in its truest and most natural form. This is the purest form of nature that you can experience firsthand. This could possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the number of animals going extinct on the rise. If you follow social media of the more widely-known celebrities, you will see celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Rihanna, and Oprah have all enjoyed a jungle safari. These types of destinations are growing more and more popular, so get them while they are still somewhat affordable.

26 Tiger Tops Elephant Camp in Chitwan National Park

If you think elephants are one of the more fascinating creatures, this Tiger Tops Elephant Camp may be perfect for you. If you imagine being in nature as one without disturbing the habitat of the elephants, you might want to consider looking deeper into this camp. Despite them being in the middle of the Chitwan National Park in Nepal, they still provide you with not only hotel-like accommodations, but they also have a variety of chef-prepared meals and snacks. This camp will have you in tents that you never even knew existed until now. Although they are a fairly new camp they still provide a modern take on elephant wildlife.

25 Serengeti and Silverbacks in East Africa

When going on a safari adventure, you may want to look at more than one habitat and see the different variations of jungle. This Serengeti & Silverbacks tour will give you everything you need to take a 16-day trip through the East of Africa. There are several stops on this route through the safari including Rwanda. While you are on this safari tour, you will be provided accommodations at all the stops as well as an expert guide, meals, and transportation. This touring company has arranged for power generators to be available to provide you with the comfort of running electricity and water.

24 Garden Village Bled at Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you ever had any wonder about what it would be like to sleep in an adult-size tree house, this Garden Village Bled could be the perfect stop for you. They are the proud winner of the 2018 Travellers’ Choice award. When visiting Lake Bled, Slovenia, you have different options for accommodations when it comes to becoming one with the wild. This camp not only offers tree houses, but they also have an array of luxury tents, studio apartments, and a resort. All of which, of course, are located in the middle of the jungle. Despite the surreal surroundings this camp still has a lot to offer when it comes to luxury including massages and a fire pit.

23 Aman-i-khas in Rajasthan, India

When you think of India, you may automatically think of the different spices and fabrics, but this country has so much more to offer. Starting with the Aman-i-khas in Rajasthan. This beautiful jungle situated in the Northern part of India, just South of Jaipur, is a hidden beauty that lets you sleep under the stars. While vacationing in this quaint jungle, you will not only be able to sleep in luxury tents but you can also get connected to the WiFi and make sure your family and friends know that you are safe. This camp is located on the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park.

22 Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort

Glamping is not only something offered in the wildlife of outside of the United States, we have a few gems here locally to offer as well. Ventana Big Sur in Big Sur, California is one of those gems the United States hold. This wilderness retreat can bring you closer to nature right here at home. This particular camp offers not only the chance to stay in the wild, but also the chance to be close to wild if you prefer resort style accommodations. If you do want a tent however, they come with almost all of the amenities such as electricity, fire pit, and daily housekeeping services. This campsite also has access to gourmet food and guided hikes.

21 Under Canvas Mount Rushmore

Much like the name of this company, Under Canvas you will also sleep under a canvas tent while sleeping under the stars. Although this may not sound appealing at first when you take a look at the luxury tents this place has to offer. When you think of Mount Rushmore, you may solely think of the sculpture heads of the famous four presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. However, you almost forget about the rest of the beautiful scenery Keystone, South Dakota has to offer. When choosing Under Canvas, you not only get the chance to see the great monument, but you also get the chance to walk through nature and have a breakfast picnic.

20 Dunton River Camp

This beautiful camp off the coast of the West Dolores River in Dolores, Colorado may not be very large, but they do over fairly large tents to make up for only having on average about 8 of them in use. Although this Duton River Camp may not have a resort to go along with the tents they still have a main lodge which is a restored farmhouse that hosts the dining room and the guest salon. Although they may not be as big as other campsites that host safari adventures, they still have some of the same luxury amenities to make sure this is no ordinary camping trip.

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19 Sandy Pines Campground

Another American beauty made this list of places that make you want to sleep with nature. Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkpurt, Maine has made a name for themselves because of their lovely canvas tents and camp carriages. Their accommodations come with king size bedding, fire pits, and lighting. When taking a trip to Sandy Pines be sure to check out the variety of tents they offer, they range in sizes depending on how luxurious you want to vacation. Although these tents may offer a good size and amenities, it does not measure up to the scenery of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. With the beach forest and the breeze of the ocean, this can become quite a popular camping location.

18 Little Raccoon Key

There are more things in the Southern part of America than hot weather and fried foods. In Georgia, you will find a hidden gem of a campsite in Little Raccoon Key. This campsite may not sound like it is fit for a luxury tent, but when you reach this little reef island, you will change your mind. Not only do you get the chance to live one with nature, but there have been several dolphin sightings in the area as well. When you reach this little gem, be sure to check out the amenities, but do not fear they will have electricity provided via generator at each tent. They not only offer beautiful views and sightings, but they also have a chef on hand that is prepared to make meals you may desire.

17 Bellfire Tipi

In the small town of Roxbury, New York lies a place where you can create your glamorous camping adventure. Bellfire Tipi is a campsite that hosts luxury camping tipis and tents for guest to rent for at least two nights. These accommodations are modelled after the Sioux Indians style and you will get a real feel of the surrounding they called home. While most of the campsites on this list provide electricity for you, this campsite is a little more original and they do not have generators on site. When it comes to amenities, they do have solar-powered phone chargers, lanterns, and a walkie-talkie to make your stay more pleasurable.

16 The Resort at Paws Up

Montana has more to offer than beautiful mountains. If you get to sneak away to Grennough, you will be able to find The Resort at Paws Up where you can find a camping experience that is one of a kind. At this site, you will find yourself among 37,000 acres of an untouched cattle ranch land to explore nature as you choose. When visiting this ranch, make sure to bring bug spray and be prepared for campfires with s’mores. Although this may not be what you think of doing on a vacation in New York, this small town is worth the trip to stargaze.

15 Botswana Mobile Tented Safari and Exclusive Lodge

This trip could be an alternative for taking a cruise if you want an extended vacation. Instead of being at sea for 7 days, you can take this 11-day safari adventure with Botswana Mobile Tented Safari. This trip allows you to not only see one beautiful jungle Africa has to offer, but they take you through Moremi and Khawi as well. Depending on how much luxury you want in the wild you can rent one of these tents for around $500 per person a day. While on this safari adventure you will have several stops to check out where the wildlife roam the Okvango Delta and the Moremi Game Reserve.

14 Namibia Safaris

Although in Nambia there are few trees they make up for it in wilderness habitats, on this Nambia Safari, you will not only be in an open space, but you will be in the midst of the wildlife. Because of the area there are far less trees than you would expect, but that doesn’t mean there is any less nature. When taking this Nambia vacation make sure to stay closer to the Southern and Western parts where they have been malaria-free year-round. This particular camp is a free roaming area so also be aware of all of the signs, you might have your breakfast with zebras.

13 Romantic East African Vacation: Luxury Safari and Secluded Beach

If you are looking for a secluded getaway with your someone special and you both enjoy nature, this East African Luxury Safari may be the solution. This particular trip is not one for someone looking for a weekend getaway; this adventure is a 12-day trip across Mozambique and Tanzania. While on this excursion you will be able to experience the Serengeti as well as Vamizi Island which has white sandy beaches. You get the best of Africa with this tour from natural marine life to their wildlife preservations.

12 Zambia and Southern Tanzania Luxury Safari

Zambia and Tanzania is a great display of the beautiful untouched jungles. Although this may not be the first or last Tanzanian trip on this list, it certainly does stand out with their glamorous tents and the surrounding natural waterfalls. While taking a stroll in the wild, be sure to keep an eye out for the free roaming animals that are surrounding the camp. This complete trip takes 14 days to complete, but you go through several East and South African territories and their game reserve areas. Despite being a longer trip, you can look forward to being constantly captivated with the surrounding nature and its inhabitants.

11 Finch Hattons Luxury Camp

If you find yourself in Nairobi, Kenya, be sure to stay a couple of nights at the Finch Hattons Luxury Camp in the Tsavo National Park. This luxurious camping site was built for those who not only love nature, but want to be right in the middle of it as well. This secluded camp is on the edge of the Maasai Kuku ranches within the Tsavo Nataion Park, where they blend comfort and nature with minimal disturbance. They do have plenty of amenities to make you feel at home such as the spa and an infinity pool.

10 Ol Jogi Ranch

This place is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of going to a ranch, mostly because there isn’t much grass or cows. However, much like a what you imagine a ranch to be like, Ol Jogi Ranch is made up of thousands of acres of open undisturbed nature. This campsite not only offers you a chance to live in the wild among its inhabitants, but they also allow you to do so in comfort and style. When you book a retreat to this safari getaway, be prepared for grass roofs and natural waterfalls.

9 Mahali Mzuri

A nested gem outside of Nairobi, Kenya lies a small campsite full of luxury tents in the middle of wildlife. Mahali Mzuri is a campsite composed of 12 tents and a main tent, or lodge. Although this campsite might not be able to hold the biggest of groups you will still get plenty of experiences with nature that will make you focus elsewhere. When it comes to vacationing in one of these canvas tents, you will still have a supply of running water and an ensuite for each tent. There are 13,500 hectares of wilderness for the guests to enjoy on guided tours.

8 Cottars 1920s Safari Camp

Despite starting over 90 years ago, the Cottars 1920s Safari Camp has made sure to keep their campgrounds modern and trendy. They offer a variety of luxury tents ranging from a standard double tent to a luxurious tented suites. Although they range in size and luxury, they are all made of the same material — canvas. This beautiful tented camp is set in the Olderkesit Private Reserve where they have around 7,000 acres of wildlife to leisurely view. You also have access to guided tours and a personal chef if you desire.

7 Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

In Tanzania, you can stay on the Serengeti National Park in the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodges. When you’re looking at being one with nature, you can stay at these luxury tents surrounded by acres of undisturbed jungle. This gives you the perfect time to see how these animals are in their natural habitat and capture it in a photo. These rounded tents sit on a hill so you have 360 views of how beautiful these surroundings can be. Just because you are in nature, it does not mean you should lack amenities such and room service and a pool, which are both offered in this campsite.

6 Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp

Masai Mara, Kenya is the home to Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp. At this lovely campsite, you will find 20 luxury tents and schedule of other extracurricular activities to keep you busy. When it comes to taking a safari excursion, you will not think twice when waking up to the sounds of birds and opening up the curtains to the jungle. This gem can be found on the Masai Mara North Conservatory where you can be up close and personal with the animals who call this place home.

5 Olonana Tented Safari Camp

Another Kenyan beauty has made the list of places that you don’t mind sleeping in the wild in. This particular camp, Olonana Tented Safari Camp, is nestles in near the Mara River near the Siria Escarpent. When you are looking to book this luxury vacation you can be sure bring your camera and sunglasses because this wild nature adventure will give you enough memories for a lifetime. This camp also offers you a pool as well as a spa to help take the edge off. They are said to be one of the best camps if you are interested in seeing big cats and bird watching.

4 Tafika Camp

In Mfuwe, Zambia, you an find Tafika Camp and live with nature in a undisturbed traditional African setting. When it comes to camping in Tafika depending on which tent you get you will get the live experience of how natives live with the land and animals. This camp may not be one of the most glamorous, but it is authentic and they offer authentic cuisine as well. In these tents you may get not get connecting walls but you will be able to see the Luangwa River. This camp only houses 6 tents and can sleep up to 14 guests at one time.

3 Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp

There may not be many Tanzanian areas to stay in the wild but the Ngrongoro Conservation Area allows for Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp to set up their luxury tents and show the rest of the world how it feels to live in nature. To the surprise of some, it has been going well for them and this has become a growing activity for tourist looking to vacation. They provide you with gourmet meals you can enjoy while watching the sunset or from the comfort of your tent.

2 Chikoko Trails Camp

Zambia can be a popular place to vacation with animals in their natural habitat. The Chikoko Trails Camp is situated in the South Luangwa National Park where they have 3,000 square miles of natural undisturbed habitats for their guests to see. If you decide to stay in this camp, you will have your pick of walking trails and guided tours. This campsite is one of the smaller ones since they only host about 6 people per camp and they run two different camps for this trail. So if you are looking for an intimate and secluded place for yourself and a couple of friends, this camp could be perfect for you. They may only be able to host 6 guests at a time, but that does not mean that you will not have hot water or authentic food while enjoying your stay.

1 Fairmont Mara Safari Club

Much like a golf club, there are safari clubs in the world too; also like golf clubs, these safari camps are one of the more luxury ways to spend your relaxing time. The Fairmont Mara Safari Club is located in Kenya and has been an operational since 2009. This camp is one of the bigger camps Kenya has to offer when it comes to sleeping in the wild. They own over 50 tents and they are all furnished not only with bedding, but with running water and private bathroom as well. You have several options for dining when it comes to eating at the sunset or staying inside for a romantic night in, this camp has both options for you.

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