30 Leo Quotes For Today That’ll Inspire Your IG Aesthetic

Now that summer is officially here, we’re on the verge of Leo season which starts on July 23. If you’re a lioness, you know that being a summertime babe means you love spreading those positive vibes. Not only are you ready to make this a summer to remember, but you also are down for any adventure that comes your way. Your shining energy calls for some bright Leo quotes for today to make your Instagram truly show off that lion aesthetic you have in you.

As a Leo, you tend to be kind-hearted, and that’s why your friends can always look to you so easily. You also shine with optimism just like the sun that rules you. A Leo is known to take on each new day as a chance for adventure with friends, and no matter what you do, the spotlight seems to follow you endlessly. Use that to your advantage by capturing all of the moments in life you want to share on the ‘Gram. Snap some smiling selfies, squad pics surrounded by all your besties, or action shots of you soaking up the sun on a beach day. Either way, you’ll need these 30 Leo quotes to caption all those photos with the perfect words that describe just who you are.

1. "The vibration of Leo, ruled by the Sun itself, is almost tangible, a thing you can actually feel throughout your whole being in the presence of a Lion or Lioness." — Linda Goodman

2. "She is a badass with a good heart, soft but strong." — R.H. Sin

3. "She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them." — R. M. Drake

4. "Sunshine on my mind." — Unknown

5. "Love always." — Unknown

6. "I can’t be tamed." — Miley Cyrus, "Can’t Be Tamed"

19. "At the end of the day, I’m walking with the heart of a lion." — Kid Cudi, "Heart of a Lion"

20. "Although I walk with grace, I have a mighty roar." — Unknown

21. "You know, I am a Leo. Lion is a giant part of me." — Patrick Swayze

22. "I’m a leo, and damn proud of it." — Unknown

23. "Give like the sun, and the whole world grows tall." — Atticus

24. "Here comes the sun." — The Beatles, "Here Comes The Sun"

25. "You’re gonna hear me roar." — Katy Perry, "Roar"

26. "I’m a lover and a fighter." — Unknown

27. "Some men see things as they are, and ask, ‘why?’ I dream of things that never were, and ask, ‘why not?’" — Robert Kennedy

28. "Life is either a great adventure, or nothing." — Helen Keller

29. "Radiate positive vibes." — Unknown

30. "Perhaps I am stronger than I think." — Thomas Merton

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