45-Day Release Window is the ‘New Normal,’ Says Cineworld Chief Mooky Greidinger

Theatrical release windows, the period of which fluctuated during the pandemic, have stabilized at approximately 45 days, according to Cineworld cinema group CEO Mooky Greidinger.

Speaking at an earnings call after the group posted revenues of $1.8 billion for 2021 on Thursday, Greidinger said: “The new normal window is around 45 days, the big movies we know already from the studios will have even a longer window, some of the movies will have a shorter window. But in general, the whole COVID experience taught us and taught the studios. Because at the end of the day, partnership, that’s the best way to see income from the big movies… starting with theatrical.”

Expanding on the theme, Greidinger said that films which are likely to generate 80% of the box office will have a minimum 45-day window at the box office, with the studios looking at an even longer window than this for some titles.

The executive was did not commit Cineworld’s position regarding films that go day-and-date with a simultaneous streaming and theatrical release.

“There will be movies that will have shorter windows. Some of them might even go day-and-date I’m not sure that we will show them,” said Greidinger. “We are analyzing case by case. We have deals with all the studios, and some things are more flexible and some are less.”

Greidinger declined to go into details of agreements with the studios, but said that the group is “in a good place” with them. Going forward Greidinger hoped for a return to normalcy with “no COVID surprises.”

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