This is what 57 looks like

This is what 57 looks like: Cosmetic nurse reveals her secrets to looking youthful

  • Wendy Kos, from London, says Invisalign braces are worth the confidence boost
  • She says she loves dermal fillers, as they can look more natural than Botox
  • Wendy wears lipstick every day and also keeps a weekly exercise diary

Wendy Kos is a cosmetic nurse and lives in London with her husband, Martin, and daughter, Emmeline, 22.


Last year, I got Invisalign braces. I’ve always been self-conscious about my upper teeth, but a throwaway comment from my daughter was the last straw! It’s expensive, at £5,000 for the top and bottom ( — but worth the confidence boost. I have to wear them for a year, but you can remove them when going out — people can barely see them anyway.


Wendy Kos, 57, is a cosmetic nurse and lives in London with her husband, Martin, and daughter, Emmeline, 22 

I love dermal fillers, as I think they can look more natural than Botox — as long as you treat the face as a whole. Every six months, I get a top-up in my cheeks, temples, nose, smile lines, lips, chin, jaw and earlobes. Otherwise, your features can look out of proportion. The hyaluronic acid helps plump and smooth my skin, so I feel much happier in myself.


I wear lipstick daily, as I feel too pale without it. My favourite shades are warm browns and pinks, which add definition to my features. But I can’t bear having to keep topping up the colour. Lip Sense Liquid Lip Colour and Gloss (£22, is my saviour: one application lasts all day, due to its waterproof formulation.


I’ve always been slim, but put on a stone when I hit 50. Since then, I’ve made exercise a number one priority by scheduling three fixed 45-minute workouts into my weekly diary. I never miss one — even if I get a social invitation. It’s horrible, but it must be done! I do it at home, using Caroline Pearce’s Total Body Collection of fitness DVDs (£17.95,


Twice a week, I fast — where I only eat 500 calories. I was converted to the 5:2 diet after watching a BBC documentary by Dr Michael Mosley a few years ago. I do it on my busiest days at work, Tuesday and Thursday, so I don’t notice too much. It has not only sped up my post-50 weight loss, but I also feel more energetic, as it helps detox and reset your system. 

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