6 bizarre celeb shoe choices we can’t stop thinking about – from raw meat to bananas

The red carpet is usually the place to see the latest high fashion, hot off the catwalk and showcased on your fave celeb.

But it's not all designer placements – sometimes the occasional brave soul takes the opportunity to add a bit of personality with a weird and wonderful choice.

We don't just mean wearing belts as tops (for anyone old enough to remember Jodie Marsh), sometimes it's as subtle as quirky bit of footwear.

Whether they’re so bizarre they can barely be called shoes – looking at you,Lady Gaga in your unforgettable meat – to the completely unexpected, like the queen of relatability herself,Jennifer Lawrence , attending this year’s Cannes Film Festival in a pair of flip flops.

Here are some of our favourite bizarre red carpet shoe choices over the years:

Lady Gaga’s meat shoes

At the 2010 VMAs, Lady Gaga ensured a dramatic entrance as she showed up in a dress made completely out of raw meat. She also completed the look with a meat fascinator, and of course, a pair of meat-covered shoes that were bound together with string.

Following the ceremony, Lady Gaga explained that the outfit was a statement about fighting for what you believe in, and highlighted her distaste about the US military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy. In case you were wondering, her dress was preserved by taxidermists into a form of jerky and displayed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame until 2015.

Nicki Minaj’s puppet socks

Never one to shy away from an over the top statement look, at the 2011 VMAs Nicki Minaj opted for a colourful and chaotic Harajuku-inspired outfit that quite literally reached from her head to her toes. Created by Shojono Tomo, Nicki’s entire outfit featured 3D stuff toys and lots of print and colour.

But it was her footwear (or lack of) that rally caught people’s attention, as the rapper chose to go in her socks. Rather than donning heels for the occasion, instead, Nicki wore mismatched colourful socks covered in cartoon characters and finished off with large cuddly toys attached to her feet.

Jennifer Lawrence’s flip flops

Forever relatable, Jennifer Lawrence is known for doing her own thing when it comes to the red carpet. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the actress hit the red carpet wearing an incredible red Dior ballgown that swept the floor and gave her some perfect Hollywood glamour.

Her footwear, however, didn’t seem to have got the red carpet memo, as she decided to go for comfort over style, ditching the expected sky-high heels in favour of… a pair of black flip flops. Yes, really.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s lion heels

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her incredible footwear collection, and not unlike her character Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, she’s not afraid to take a bit of a risk when it comes to her shoes. For the 2011 film presentation of I Don’t Know How She Does It in Moscow, SJP wore a stunning red chiffon gown, but it was her footwear that really made a statement.

For the event, the actress wore a pair of Christian Louboutin Alex Lion Paw Pumps, which featured furry lion-esque toes on the front, complete with claws. The stilettos also featured a Swarovski covered heel, for a completely bizarre, yet somehow chic, way to add some fun to her outfit.

Rowan Blanchard’s banana shoes

For the season one premiere of Euphoria, Rowan Blanchard showed how to do the perfect youthful, chic and quirky outfit as she took to the red carpet in a green strapless top with oversize cargo pockets and a Frankenstein print mini skirt.

To make the yellow details of her Frankenstein skirt stand out, Rowan opted for some very unusual yellow heels. The banana-yellow velvet slingbacks featured a cut out arched wedge heel and points satin toes that looked like walking in them should have defied physics, however Rowan seemed perfectly at home as she posed in front of the step and repeat as she arrived.

Marion Cotillard’s naked statue heels

In 2009, Marion Cotillard announced the winners of the Bike in Style challenge in New York, where she was snapped wearing a pair of very avant garde heels for the occasion. Although from the front her shoes looked to be a simple pair of silver and snakeskin strappy heels, from the back, her shoes revealed a hidden secret.

In place of the heels were small statues of a female form, thought to be the goddess of fertility. The Christian Dior shoes were designed by John Galliano, and caused quite a stir at the time, although these days we think they’re more chic than shocking.


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