Here Are 6 Places On The Body Where You Can Please Each Other (Besides The Obvious Ones)

One of the key components of a poppin’ sex life is the ability to receive and deliver stimulation in a pleasurable manner. This requires extreme familiarity with hot spots, otherwise known as erogenous zones. Aside from the usual suspects (shoutout to the almighty clit), there exist quite a few atypical erogenous zones on the female body that many have been conditioned to avoid or simply don’t even think about exploring in a sexual way. But luckily for you and your loins, we’re here to provide a little bit (okay, a lot) of incentive for you to expand your standard approach to foreplay.

Sex therapist and educator Gwen Butler refers to some of the lesser known female erogenous zones as “little surprises all over your body.” To activate these spots, Butler recommends caressing parts of the anatomy that often go untouched. “The key is acknowledging the sensation when it happens and allowing it to expand,” she says.

In other words, use your senses to have better sex. Start by becoming more acquainted with these under-the-radar hot spots on a woman’s body.


If you’re concerned about why your underarm skin is dark, we feel your pain. On the flip side, it turns out that the same region that’s prone to hyperpigmentation issues can also generate some warm and fuzzy feelings down below for both men and women, particularly when stimulated the right way.

Not only does Butler co-signs a little underarm play to heighten sexual pleasure, she also dropped a few bonus spots that are capable of getting the juices flowing such as the eyelids, the space between the thigh and the outer labia, the nape, behind the ears, right beneath the buttocks and just above the navel.


In a scientific study that ranked women’s most erogenous body parts, researchers named the forearm as a physical hot spot that is most sensitive to light touch. Licensed clinical social worker Nedra Glover Tawwab backs up these findings. To stimulate your partner’s forearms, Tawwab suggests gentle touching. “For heightened sensation, a feather can be used to invigorate arousal,” she says. Additionally, Tawwab notes that vulnerability plays a key factor in locating areas on the body that are often overlooked during sexually stimulating acts.

“Women find their erogenous zones when they are willing to open up to exploring their body in a unique way,” she explains.

Inner Wrist

After you (or your partner) finish fondling those forearms, feel free to make your way down to the inner wrist for further arousal. This oft-neglected erogenous zone can be stimulated through light rubbing with the fingertips or soft kisses.


Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” will forever remain the go-to mantra for how Black folks should handle others’ incessant need to examine our distinctive ‘dos without permission. But Dr. Donna Oriowo, licensed therapist and founder of AnnodRight, implores us to consider laying down our collective hair-related burdens when it comes to getting in the mood.

“We know the saying, ‘You don’t touch a Black woman’s hair,’” Oriowo tells ESSENCE. “However because the scalp is usually not engaged – except for the occasional scratch or hair styling – it can feel amazing for it to be engaged sexually,” she says, explaining that the scalp is full of nerve endings.

“To add this to your sexual repertoire, have your partner lightly (or roughly) pull the hair while close to the scalp, or massage the scalp gently, adding more pressure for a more intense experience,” Oriowo adds. “Being in a zone that is usually a no-no – especially if there is a lot of ducking [and] dodging throughout the day from unwanted fingers reaching for the tresses – can foster feelings of closeness and intimacy, while relieving tension.”


Before you wrinkle up your nose in protest, keep an open mind when it comes to engaging in foot fondling, y’all. “Feet are literally the foundation of the body and they are connected to almost everything in the body,” Oriowo explains. If you’re still hesitant about participating in foot action, start out slow and remember to keep it fun.

“You can lightly massage and tickle the feet and toes to bring forth more sexual and sensual pleasure,” she adds, emphasizing that a simple foot massage can help to relieve tension and set the tone for an intimate exchange that is both relaxing and gratifying. Oriowo also points out that everybody is different, so if the feet simply don’t do it for you, keep exploring other options.

Behind The Knees

Apparently, the way to make a woman’s knees go weak is to get behind them. According to WebMD, the area behind the knee is a “nerve-rich” region that can be stimulated through a gentle massage, tickling or applying deep pressure before ultimately moving up the thigh to the most popular pleasure zone of all.

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