6-Week-Old Pet Pig to Be Reunited with Family After It's Found by Police on Myrtle Beach

These pet owners are about to squeal with joy!

Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, found Biscuit, a 6-week-old potbellied pig, on Sunday after he had escaped from his family during their beach vacation, according to the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

The black mini pig was captured in the sand behind Damon’s, a local restaurant near 29th Avenue South, and will soon be returned to his rightful owners in North Carolina, the News & Observer reported Monday.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department shared photos on its Facebook page upon capturing the speckled piggy, posting pics of officers smiling with Biscuit after a job well done.

“Biscuit, the potbellied pig has been captured!” read the post.

“Thank you to our officers and City Services team for catching Biscuit. Our Animal Control division is working to reunite him with his family that was vacationing from North Carolina. 🐽”

In the pictures, one officer is seen cradling Biscuit in his arms, keeping him safe after the rescue.

In another shot, five officers flash big smiles as they pose for a photo with the piglet.

The social media post has garnered more than 500 likes and several comments from people thanking the officers for finding the baby animal — and gushing over Biscuit’s cuteness.

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