7 non-alcoholic wines for all of the taste with none of the hangovers

European wine industry faces 'more pain' according to expert

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Having a glass of wine at the end of the day is a much loved, and therefore hard to break, ritual that helps us to unwind and switch from work-mode to relax-mode. But if you’re drinking every evening, you’re probably starting to feel the negative effects that too much alcohol has on your body.

Alcohol can negatively impact your sleep, anxiety-levels, mood, and a whole lot more, and what originally started as a way to relax is probably causing you more stress than you’re aware.

A great way to cut back on your alcohol consumption is to make sure you’re not just cutting out the ritual altogether, but subbing in an alcohol-free wine in its place.

That way you get that treat yourself feeling that comes with cracking open a bottle with none of the negative effects that come with its alcohol-filled predecessor.

In order to help you on your journey to cutting back, here are seven alcohol-free wines that taste so realistic you’ll barely be able to tell the difference.

Belle & Co Sparkling Rose Alcohol-Free Wine

You don’t have to forgo those celebratory sparkles just because you’re cutting back on alcohol.

This grape and green-tea infused bubbly is less than 22 calories a glass.

RRP: £3.99, on sale now for £3 – you save £0.99

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McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc (case of 6), No Alcohol Wine

This South Australian wine brand is famous for its incredible quality wines at a reasonable price, and its alcohol-free selection is just as reliable.

This crisp, refreshing white wine is flavoured with gooseberry citrus, passionfruit, and lime for a vibrant taste.

RRP: £44

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J Lohr Estate Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon, non-alcoholic

The perfect full-bodied red to pair with beef or lamb, it goes down especially well on a brisk winters evening.

RRP: £10.78

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Eisberg Chardonnay

Fresh, crispy, and fruity with flavours of lemon, peaches, and vanilla, this non-alcoholic wine has been made by expert winemakers and then had the alcohol carefully removed so you can enjoy it guilt-free, every time.

RRP: £4.75

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LA Brewery | Sparkling English Rose

Infused with Kombucha, white rose petals, and wild elderflower this alcohol-free wine not only tastes refreshing, it’s good for your gut too.

RRP: £10

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Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Sparkling

Enjoy that crisp taste of Prosecco with none of the negative side effects with this alcohol-free wine that carefully and accurately mimics the taste of the real thing.

RRP: £8.99

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