75 Hashtags For Weddings For Your Happily Ever After

Happily ever after starts with a hashtag. Yes, nowadays, among all of the wedding planning, you have to consider social media. Finding a soulmate is a big deal, and your followers will want to see every second of your fairy tale. On the day of, your guests will arrive and take their seats, waiting for you to walk down the aisle looking as stunning as ever. They’ll want to ‘Gram at least one picture of you and your significant other sharing a sweet kiss, or holding hands. So, looking through some hashtags for weddings is essential before you tie the knot and head toward forever with the love of your life.

You’ve spent months figuring out the venue, and putting together the flowers for your bouquet. You met with so many different photographers, and brought your besties along when you needed to get your dress fitted. Now, it’s all about the finishing touches that will make your wedding day even more special. Maybe at the last-minute you’ll decide that you need a reception outfit, or realize you’re missing your "something blue."

Odds are, in those moments, a hashtag or the latest editing trends for Instagram are the least of your worries. But, having one for your guests to use will let you see the loveliest moments from the event later on. Let’s be honest: You’ll be a bit busy getting married and all, and everybody’s basically a photographer in your "I do crew."

You could stress about combining your names, or finding a cheesy pun. But personally, I would call in some extra help from a girl who’s obsessed with the ‘Gram. (That’s me!) Your focus right now should be writing your vows, and having the perfect wedding day. So, I put together 75 hashtags that are all about love and will be perfect for when you put a ring on it.

1. "#LoveAlways" — Unknown

2. "#HappilyEverAfter" — Unknown

3. "#MrAndMrs" — Unknown

4. "#BetterTogether" — Unknown

5. "#GettingHitched" — Unknown

6. "#TogetherForever" — Unknown

7. "#IDoCrew" — Unknown

8. "#PutARingOnIt" — Beyoncé, "Single Ladies"

9. "#TiedTheKnot" — Unknown

10. "#BabyJustSayYes" — Taylor Swift, "Love Story"

11. "#GladToBeYours" — Unknown

12. "#DearlyBeloved" — Unknown

13. "#LoveYouLongTime" — Unknown

14. "#PerfectPair" — Unknown

15. "#SealedTheDeal" — Unknown

16. "#WeBelongTogether" — Unknown

17. "#SweetOnYou" — Unknown

18. "#LoveIsLove" — Unknown

19. "#LoveIsInTheAir" — Unknown

20. "#WeddingSzn" — Unknown

21. "#NewlyWeds" — Unknown

22. "#ItWasAlwaysYou" — Unknown

23. "#LoveAtFirstSight" — Unknown

24. "#ItsALoveStory" — Taylor Swift, "Love Story"

49. "#HesHerLobster" — Phoebe, Friends

50. "#Soulmates" — Unknown

51. "#YoureTheOne" — Unknown

52. "#IAdoreYou" — Unknown

53. "#BestFriendsForever" — Unknown

54. "#KissTheGirl" — Samuel E. Wright, "Kiss The Girl"

55. "#TillDeathDoUsPart" — Unknown

56. "#ShareTheLove" — Unknown

57. "#PicturePerfect" — Unknown

58. "#JustTheBeginning" — Unknown

59. "#HereComesTheBride" — Unknown

60. "#CapturingTheLove" — Unknown

61. "#WeddingVibes" — Unknown

62. "#MarryMe" — Unknown

63. "#YouAreTheBestThing" — Unknown

64. "#WorthTheWait" — Unknown

65. "#WhenYesMeansForever" — Unknown

66. "#ToLoveAndLaughter" — Unknown

67. "#AndSoTheAdventureBegins" — Unknown

68. "#NothingFancyJustLove" — Unknown

69. "#NotTwoButOne" — Unknown

70. "#ThatsAmore" — Dean Martin, "That’s Amore"

71. "#HereComesMyGirl" — Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, "Here Comes My Girl"

72. "#WithMyWholeHeart" —Unknown

73. "#OnceUponATime" —Unknown

74. "#TaleAsOldAsTime" Beauty and the Beast

75. "#BestDayEver" —Unknown

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