8 Best Christmas tree lights for 2021

‘O CHRISTMAS tree, o Christmas tree, How lovely are thy branches,’ goes one version of the famous (originally German) carol, sung by Aretha Franklin.

And while we can’t deny the beauty of a Christmas tree in all its majestic, pine-smelling glory – even the fake ones these days are pretty fabulous – we also think that no tree is truly complete without a set of twinkling lights.

When it comes to Christmas tree lighting, the good news is, there’s no such thing as too many lights.

The general rule of thumb is to have roughly 15 metres of lights for a 6ft tree. For extra feet of tree you have, just add another 5m of lights (e.g. a 7-foot tree requires 20 metres of lights).

Of course, you can always add different colours and styles of lights to make the whole tree look even more magical. Even the shade of white lighting you choose can change the whole ambience: amber lights give a more natural, hearth-warming glow, while white lighting can create that coveted winter-wonderland sparkling effect.

Generally speaking, the main types of Christmas tree lights you can buy are fairy lights, globe string lights (these tend to be larger, with fewer LEDs spaced farther out), pinecone string lights and cluster lights (these are tightly packed together for an amazing garland-effect when lit).

And don’t forget to enjoy the whole experience of dressing the tree – this is the fun part of Christmas. Looking at your flickering lights while enjoying a mug of tea on the sofa may be the finest form of self-care you'll ever practice.

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