9-Month-Old Dog Who Had Been Hit By Car and Shot Over 70 Times Finds Her Forever Home

A new home in time for Christmas!

Tammi, a 9-month-old retriever, arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society on Nov. 2 in “desperate need of help,” the organization shared on social media earlier this month.

“Upon examination, SAHS veterinarians believed Tammi was hit by a car and was shot with a shotgun. Her X-rays revealed more than 70 shotgun pellets in her body,” they wrote.

Fortunately, the humane society was able to get the adorable pup the help she needed.

After being taken in, Tammi underwent surgery to repair her fractured pelvis and restore her mobility — and was sent to stay at a foster home while she recovered.

“After a month of rest and much-needed love and care,” she was able to regain most of her strength back, although the pup will still need some rehab in order to fully build up her muscles again.

“Tammi needs a fun-loving and caring home,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert said in a statement. “Considering everything she went through, she is such a sweet girl. She is young and a bit shy, but I am sure she would love an active family once she gets her strength back.”

Shortly after sharing Tammi’s story, the humane society shared some good news: Tammi had found her forever home. “We’re just so happy she has found a loving family in time for the holidays!” they said in a statement to KSAT.

“She got adopted almost immediately,” the woman who fostered the canine wrote on Facebook. “So thankful.”

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