A Timeline of All the 'Grey's Anatomy' Behind-the-Scenes Drama

Grey’s Anatomy has captivated audiences since its March 2005 premiere, but sometimes, what was going on behind-the-scenes of the series was more dramatic than what went down in the fictional hallways of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

“I do my best and we all do our best. It’s actually, the journey of it has been quite interesting because obviously we’ve had our ups and downs behind the scenes,” series star Ellen Pompeo admitted on Late Night With Seth Meyers in November 2017.

She added: “It’s been a very interesting journey. … It started out one way and right now where we are in such a different place from where we started.”

The medical drama first made headlines back in October 2006 after reports surfaced that Isaiah Washington, who played Dr. Preston Burke, used a homophobic slur on set. As the series continued to gain popularity over the next decade, fans searched for the truth behind the various cast shake-ups and killed-off characters.

Scroll through for a complete timeline of the behind-the-scenes drama on the ABC hit:

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