Adele’s ‘Titanic’ Birthday Party Would Make Kate Winslet Proud

So many of us can identify with an obsession with the movie Titanic, but this singer has taken it to another level. Over the weekend, Adele threw a Titanic-themed birthday party, and according to the photos she shared on Instagram, everything about it was accurate to the movie. From the location to Adele’s dress and hair, it’s pretty much like she and her guests became a part of the film, and if you love it as much as she does, you should probably prepare to be jealous.

Adele shared the photos on Sunday night — which you can see here — along with a sweet caption about what a truly awesome time she had at the party. Since she was turning 30, it would only be right to go big or go home, and Adele definitely went big. For the party, she dressed as Kate Winslet’s character, Rose Bukater, matching everything from her curly hair to her dress from the movie (and all the details on it), and even the scenery behind her.

The pictures Adele shared are unreal, and the black and white filter she used only adds to how easily it could be 1912 when they were taken. She posed in so many iconic locations that were recreated for the party — the staircase, the car, and even the third class party that Rose and Jack so famously danced at.

She wrote in her caption:

Anyone who loves Titanic like Adele does probably understands how this night could be the best ever. Reenacting all the best parts of the film, minus the part where the ship sank? It’s a dream come true. And yes, as some people have pointed out on Twitter, wearing life jackets while dancing may have been pushing it a bit, but it’s important to remember that her party was modeled after the movie, not the actual tragedy.

This isn’t the first time Adele’s spoken publicly about her Titanic obsession, so it’s no surprise she decided to bring in her thirtieth year with a party like this one. Back in 2016, she wished Leonardo DiCaprio good luck at the Oscars by sharing a photo of her standing on a replica of the Titanic’s famous staircase, telling him to meet her by the clock anytime.

And then, there was also that time earlier this year when she met Celine Dion and celebrated the occasion by sharing a photo of herself in a sweatshirt featuring Dion’s face above a sinking Titanic as a reference to the fact that she sang the movie’s unforgettable theme, "My Heart Will Go On." Meeting Celine Dion would be a big day for a lot of us, but clearly it held extra special meaning for Adele.

Clearly, this is evidence that a Titanic birthday party has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Adele, so even though it’s impossible not to be jealous, it’s also very easy to be happy for her. That dress, though.

Much like the Titanic (and, of course, the movie of the same name), Adele is a legend, so it’s only appropriate that she celebrate 30 years of her life in an appropriately epic way. Now, we just have to hope this inspires her to release a cover of "My Heart Would Go On." Much like basically any song out of her mouth, she’d probably kill it.

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