Adopt A Pal: Playful puppies looking for a new home

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Giant Breed Rescue drops by with some playful puppies, adding some brightness to a January Monday.

Braxton is a six-month-old Labrador Retriever mix. He likes to play around and can fit in well with both kids and other pets.

Braxton is looking for a forever home.

Evie is 10-and-half weeks old. She loves to play around and find someone to smooch and cuddle up to.

Evie is looking to begin 2019 with a new family.

Tank may sound like a scary dog, but the only thing he may hit you with is a bunch of kisses. Tank is ready to find his loving home. He can get along with other pets and kids as well.

Tank wants to find his forever home.

Annie is a playful little pooch looking for a home to run around in. Even though she likes to get around the house, she won’t forget to give her loved ones a smooch.

Annie (right) eagerly gives kisses and plays with Tank (left) during Adopt A Pal.

Giant Breed Rescue is always on the hunt for foster parents to help ensure every dog has a temporary home before being adopted. Fosters also help train puppies about being good pets like not going to the bathroom inside the home.

More information about Giant Breed Rescue can be found here.

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