Age-defying model mistaken for woman in 20s is actually decades older

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    An age-defying model shocks people when she reveals her age.

    Risa Hirako, from Japan, is often mistaken for being in her 20s.

    But to fans’ surprise, the youthful-looking bombshell is actually 51.

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    Lisa claims she turns back the clock using natural methods – from eating healthily to shielding herself from harmful UV rays.

    She told her Instagram followers: “Try to eat organic foods and use organic products as much as possible.”

    Judging by her Instagram page, some of her favourite foods include matcha and fruit smoothies – both rich in antioxidants – as well as vitamin E-rich avocado.

    Another of Risa’s top tips is being consistent with her skincare regime.

    She previously told fans: “Try to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated for 24hrs.”

    Some of her favourite products include Vitabrid C face serum and epsom salt to “detox the body”.

    Whatever the influencer is doing, it’s clearly working!

    On Twitter, one fan recently wrote: “Risa Hirako is 51 years old. Let that blow your mind this morning.”

    One commenter replied: “She literally looks half her age. I refused to believe it.”

    Another said: “She can’t be a day over 25, I feel like this has to be a joke.

    “I need her to drop her beauty routine right now.”

    And a third added: “She looks younger than me, and I’m 24. Dying to know her secrets.”


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