Aldi shopper says ‘life has been lie’ after realising price tags aren’t paper

A shopper was gobsmacked when she found out Aldi price tags aren't made of paper.

Jenna joked her entire life "has been a lie" after noticing something out of ordinary in the supermarket.

While she was doing her shopping round in the store, she stopped and started filming.

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"Oh my God," Jenna said while pointing the camera towards the shelves.

"Did anyone else think the prices in Aldi were pieces of paper? Because I was today year's old when I found out that they are screens.

"And I only figured this out today because there was a glitch on one of them."

Jenna pointed towards one of the price tags, which was flashing with the words £1.99 "smokey BBQ sauce".

"Is this every shop or is it just Aldi? Did anyone else know this and I'm just behind?" she asked.

"Honestly my mind is blown, truly blown. I feel like I've discovered one of the secrets of the universe."

Viewers were equally as shocked as Jenna, with one commenting: "WAIT WHAT? Since when?"

"WHAT? No way!" a second wrote and a third said she had to run to her local Aldi to verify.

"Wait I thought Aldi was cheap," another added.

One shopper shared: "I found out a month ago, it blew my mind and no one believed me."

"I just thought it was paper! I remember I used to pull them out when I was a kid," a TikToker confessed.

The new price tags replaced the traditional paper and ink to the more cost-cutting, eco-friendly, e-ink.

As one employee who runs an Aldi store in the US mentioned, the switch is to "cut back on paper wastage, excessing shipping costs and to cut back on spending time sorting price change sticker".

Daily Star has contacted Aldi UK for comment.


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