Allison Mack’s Arrest: Friends Believe She Was A ‘Victim’ & Brainwashed By Cult Leader

With Allison Mack facing sex trafficking charges, a close confidante is sharing that they’re convinced she’s also a victim in this case. Here’s the EXCLUSIVE details.

Allison Mack‘s, 35, arrest on April 20 is just the latest development in an ever-growing storm of controversy surrounding NXIUM, a supposed sex cult. Like the organization’s leader Keith Raniere, Allison is facing sex trafficking charges and could face up to life in prison if convicted. However, according to a former NXIVM member, Allison is also a victim of Raniere’s. “I’m told that a lot of people were counting on Keith’s arrest as a way to get Allison out,” the insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “The hope was that it would be the wake-up call for her to get out but she‘s so deep under Keith’s control, she wouldn’t leave and now she‘s been arrested herself.”

The source added that any mention of Raniere or the organization seems to transform Allison’s personality from friendly to downright eerie. “It’s incredibly sad because she‘s a very sweet person and seems normal until anything about Keith Raniere or NXIVM comes up. Her friends says then it’s like her eyes glaze over and she goes into this speech about how great he is and what great work he’s doing. No one can get through to her.”

“If you want to see the way she idolizes him you just have to look at the videos she did last year where she interviews him,” the insider said. “In one of the videos she even agrees with him when he says that the ‘biggest limitation women have is that they’re women.’ Anyone that knows Allison well [will] insist that she‘s been brainwashed by Keith and is under his control; she‘s a victim in this too.”

Raniere was arrested in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico in late March. It was reported that when the police took Raniere, Allison and fellow cult members followed the police vehicles in what became a high-speed chase. The Smallville star allegedly courted women to join the notorious sex cult.

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