Alton Towers Resort: How to beat the queues for rides and make the most of your day

SUN Superdays 2020 will soon kick of again with two free tickets worth over £100 to Alton Towers when you collect NINE codes with Sun Savers.

Perfect for the thrill seekers in your family, with rides such as: Nemesis, Oblivion and the brand new Wicker Man ride there’s something for everyone.

We sent one of our savvy shoppers down to Alton Towers to share their hacks for making the most of your day at this theme park.

Hack #1: Pack light

It’s worth packing light at theme parks so you’re not lugging around loads of stuff all day, as it’ll just slow you down.

However, if you can’t resist bringing two changes of clothes, lots of snacks, and a giant coat – then you’re in luck!

Alton Towers has plenty of locker spaces all around the park where you can stash your stuff.

Small lockers are £1 per hour, or £5 per day.

Large lockers are £2 per hour, or £10 per day.

You can revisit your locker and open and close it as many times as you like with no extra charge!

But if you insist on having your snacks with you at all times, you can leave your bag on the ride platform too.

Hack #2: Start at the back of the park

Alton Towers is huge, so it’s worth beating the crowds and starting at the back of the park to guarantee you’ll get on all the rides you’d like to.

It’s far easier to work your way back than forward!

You’ll probably have to run there, so a very comfortable pair of shoes is probably best if you want to beat any crowds.

Hack #3 Get on the Sky Ride

If you’d rather save your energy, it’s worth getting on the Sky Ride, you get to ride across the park in coloured gondolas.

As you’re high up, you get a unique view of the park and you can even plan where you’d like to grab a bite to eat!

Hack #4: Hit the big rides first

If you’re a bonafide thrill seeker, consider hitting all the big rides first like: The Smiler, Galactica, Thi3teen, Rita, Nemesis, and of course the new Wicker Man ride!

Plus any rides that you don’t get to go on in the first part of the day, save for the last hour as if you’re in the queue by closing time, you’re guaranteed to get on the ride.

Hack #5: Give your kids a wristband

Theme parks are exciting places, so it’s worth keeping tabs on your children.

You can get them a wristband from the box office, and write your name and number on it, so if anything were to happen you’d be reunited very quickly.

Hack #6: Parent queue share pass

One for the parents – if you get these passes it means that one of you can go on the ride, while the other parent waits with the children.

But then, instead of you both having to queue again, you can swap places, so you both can enjoy the big rides and take care of the little ones.

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Hack #7: Enjoy yourself

Make the most of your day, and don’t be afraid to try scary rides like the new Wicker Man.

Worst comes to worse, if you find yourself alone on the ride, you can grab the hand of a stranger!

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