Amazon delivery guy helps wife hide packages from her husband

An Amazon delivery man in Texas knows how to stay loyal to neighborhood residents.

Vanessa O’Shea said a delivery man stayed true to the instructions written on a doormat and hid her package from her husband. In a surveillance video, the unidentified man approaches O’Shea’s home in Haslet, but then stops when he reads the phrase on the doormat.

“Please hide packages from husband,” the instructions stated.

The delivery man then turns around and finds a “hiding spot” for the package behind a chair on the front porch.

O’Shea watched the surveillance video and posted it on her Facebook page Sunday with the caption: “Shoutout to #amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packagesl!”

O’Shea told News4Jax she purchased the doormat from Kirkland’s. The delivery man’s attempt to hide the package, however, was thwarted when her husband received a doorbell notification as the man approached the front door.

“My husband actually got the ring doorbell notification that someone was at the front door,” O’Shea said. “We were at dinner and we’re both cracking up. He gets an A for effort.”

O’Shea wrote on Facebook on Monday that her new goal is to find the Amazon delivery man because “he’s the star here.”

Her Facebook post has received more than 40,000 reactions and 178,000 shares as of Wednesday.

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