Amazon shoppers are snapping up this super cosy £16 neck warmer

Staying warm outside: This cosy £15.99 neck warmer with over 7,900 five-star reviews is a practical alternative to a scarf this winter

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Amazon shoppers are swapping their scarves for a versatile fleece-lined neck warmer that gives you all the warmth and cosiness but is less bulky and more convenient. 

The NovForth Winter Neck Warmer has proved to be so popular that it’s bagged the number one bestseller spot in Clothing on Amazon having amassed over 7,900 five-star reviews. 

Made of super soft cotton fabric, two-ply thickness for added warmth, the fleece-lined NovForth Winter Neck Warmer is a hugely popular buy on Amazon, bagging the number one bestselling spot in Clothing on the mega-site. 

A practical alternative to a scarf, it’s brilliant for outdoor activities and can transform any jumper into a turtleneck.  

The fleece-lined NovForth Winter Neck Warmer is the number one bestseller in ‘Clothing’ on Amazon, with over 7,900 five-star reviews

A scarf is a winter must-hav,e but for those who find them cumbersome and bulky then the neck warmer from NovForth has proved to be a phenomenally popular alternative.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers looking for an affordable way to keep warm this winter are reaching for a super cosy fleece-lined neck warmer that provides brilliant warmth and comfort. 

Hailed ‘better than a scarf’ by scores of shoppers, they can easily be worn with any outfit, transforming your jumper into a roll neck instantly. They’re also a brilliant way of keeping warm whilst cycling and running.

The NovForth Winter Neck Warmer is a confirmed hit with shoppers this winter; its extra cosy double lining provides the neck and face with pleasant long-lasting heat.

Thanks to the two-ply thickness for added warmth, the neck warmer blocks wind away, keeping you comfortable and snug.

Easy to put on, you can wear this versatile neck warmer like a loop scarf or pull it up so that it covers your ears and chin – which is particularly helpful when the weather takes a turn. 

Shoppers have also reported how it’s practical for running and outdoor sports, without any ends to interfere with your activities.  

As it’s less bulky than a scarf, the neck warmer can be worn in a myriad of ways whilst still offering protection against the cold and wind 

Available in over 10 colours and one-size-fits-all, the NovForth Winter Neck Warmer is a hugely popular buy with men and women alike, and as it’s under £13, it would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift this Christmas.

One impressed shopper raved: ‘The convenience of not having the ends that scarves have immediately make this a more convenient piece of winter kit. I often wear overcoats with the top part of the chest open and so these neck warmers make a huge difference. I loved it so much I bought 3.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Absolutely great, better than a full blown scarf. Super soft, super warm.’

A third penned: ‘Surprisingly very versatile and less annoying to wear than scarves. Can be used to warm the face as well.’

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