‘American Idol’: Cade Foehner Says He’s Not Voting For GF Gabby Barrett After Being Eliminated

Trouble in paradise? After Cade Foehner’s shocking elimination on American Idol’s Mother’s Day episode, he admitted that he isn’t voting for anyone, including his girl, Gabby Barrett! — Find out why!

Is there bad blood between American Idol‘s unexpected couple, Cade Foehner, 21, and Gabby Barrett, 18, following his elimination on May 13? We’re going to say it’s highly unlikely, although Foehner did admit that he won’t be voting for any of the remaining contestants — Barrett, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, 19, and Maddie Poppe, 20. Foehner agreed with Michael J. Woodward, who was also eliminated on Sunday night, that they will leave the voting up to America. “I really like all three of them so I don’t want to cast any of my votes to a specific person because I would feel bad. So I think I will put the trust in America… I will be happy with whomever wins,” Woodward said to reporters in a post-show interview. Foehner kept things short, saying, “I think the same.”

Foehner and Barrett struck up a romance while competing on the competition show, and have always supported one another. At one point, Barrett even admitted that if she didn’t win, she’d love to see Foehner win. “I mean she just fits the bill and I want the most for her career!” Foehner previously said to reporters in a group interview when asked about Barrett’s support of him.

Although Foehner won’t be back for the Top 3, he said his elimination hasn’t left him with any mixed emotions. “There is no regrets to be made or sadness to be had because our best friends get to go on,” he admitted. “Our brothers and sister get to go to the finale. We basically have careers if we work our tails off. It is a step, it is more than we could have ever hoped for.”

As for what’s next for Foehner? — “You know, just working on tunes and doing the tour. That is the immediate plan right now because that is how we further get our name out. To show people that we can put on a show,” the Texas singer explained.

While many fans, including Katy Perry, 33, were sad to see Foehner go, he says he will now move on with a better understanding of the business, as well as himself. “Honestly I learned a little about the business and what it takes to actually do something like this but I feel like this is what I have been put here to do at least in a greater part of my life,” Foehner said to reporters. “I know who I am as an artist and I thought I knew when I came here but I sure do now… American Idol tests you and bends you to the breaking point of who you are… So I have solidified myself with the lord and I will se where I am going.”

The Top 3 will compete again for America’s Vote as the American Idol two-night finale begins LIVE on Sunday at 8|7c on ABC.

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