‘American Idol’ Did Not Force Katy Perry To Reconcile With Taylor Swift [Debunked]

The olive branch that Perry offered Taylor has nothing to do with the reality TV show, ‘Gossip Cop’ reports.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have had a public rivalry for years. But as E! Online reports, Perry recently offered Swift a literal “olive branch,” and a note, which the “Bad Blood” singer accepted and posted on her Instagram page. An insider told E! that Perry was inspired to make the peace offering because she wanted to “remove the negativity from her life.”

“She has been self-reflecting lately,” the insider said, “and feels it’s better to clear the air than to have public disagreements and uncomfortable tension with people.”

But one tabloid is claiming that the producers on American Idol forced Katy to bury the hatchet with Taylor. The National Enquirer reports that Perry made the peace offering because he was under pressure from the show to lift the “unofficial Taylor Swift ban” that has been present during the first season of the rebooted talent show.

But Gossip Cop is on the case and they claim that the story is bogus. As Gossip Cop reports, the current story is making reference to a previous National Enquirer story in which they reported that, as a judge on the show, Katy Perry had banned contestants from performing Taylor Swift’s music at the American Idol auditions. Gossip Cop debunked the story but notes that the Enquirer is resurrecting it to support its contention that the producers behind the ABC show are responsible for the reconciliation between Perry and Swift.

But the celebrity rumor watchdog reports that there was never a ban of Taylor Swift’s music on the show. Also, the first season is still on the air, so why would they demand a ban now so that Swift’s music can be used next season? It would probably make more sense if producers demanded an end to the feud so that the music could be used in current and upcoming episodes in Season 1.

According to Gossip Cop, The National Enquirer also claimed that American Idol producers were unhappy at Katy Perry’s reaction when a contestant professed his love for Taylor Swift. But the interaction between Perry and the contestant was included in the episode. So, if the producers were so upset about it, why wasn’t it edited out?

It seems more likely that the E! Online story is closer to the truth, namely that Katy wants to move on from the feud and leave it in the past. In fact, Entertainment Tonight adds that their source told them that Perry had a higher purpose for ending the feud, claiming that the “Roar” singer wants “to change today’s society” and “set an example” for women.

We may never know the real reason for Katy Perry’s peace-making with Taylor Swift unless she gives a tell-all interview. But we can be pretty sure that American Idol had nothing to do with it.

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