‘American Idol’ Reunion: Jimmy Kimmel Brings Together William Hung, Sanjaya & More For Hilarious Song

Look out, Maddie Poppe; these infamous former ‘American Idol’ contestants are back, ‘thanks’ to Jimmy Kimmel. Watch this amazing video of William Hung and more finally singing again!

It’s the answer to the question nobody asked. Jimmy Kimmel brought together former American Idol contestants to record a special song called “Where Are They Now?” that updates fans on the lives of some of the show’s most infamous faces. Ready to take a walk down memory lane just one day after the season 16 finale? Featured on the song were “all-stars” like William Hung, famous for his widely-mocked rendition of Ricky Martin‘s “She Bangs” during his season three audition, and season six’s Sanjaya Malakar, remembered for his wild hair and sparring with then-judge Simon Cowell.

Also there? Antonella Barbra, “Chewbacca Girl” Trista Giese from season 6, Kevin Covais of season five, Scott MacIntyre from season 8, Reynaldo Lapuz from season 7, and Haley Reinhart of season 10. A major highlight? An appearance from season 9 contestant “General” Larry Platt, best known for his performance of “Pants on the Ground”. Oh, the memories! While the alumni’s careers never exactly took off, their new song, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live! is hilarious. “I sing to corporations inspirationally ,” William Hung sang. “And ladies, now I’m single. So, Snapchat me.”

So good! “I work at a bar mixing signature cocktails,” Sanjaya belted. “I also do construction on the side.” There were actually two American Idol winners on the track, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. Unlike, say, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, they never really found fame and fortune. “We sold millions of albums. What are we doing here?” they sang. Maybe the biggest surprise on the track? Former Idol judge Randy Jackson. We actually were wondering where he went! Watch the amazing video above and listen to their song in full!

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