Americans living in the UK share what annoys them – from weather to moany people

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Despite sharing the same language, us Brits and Americans live very different lives – and it is not just to do with the thousands of miles that separates us.

Brits have access to free healthcare, while US citizens often have to pay for theirs.

Meanwhile, America has its beloved Hooters and we have Wetherspoons.

With this in mind, it can be a bit of a culture shock when Americans come over to the UK – as shown by a revealing Reddit thread that points out "annoying" things about Britain.

A thread asked: “Americans! Those who have deigned to settle in Britain – what annoys you about our country?”

They explained in the post: “I remembered a rant I saw once on Twitter from a former colleague of mine. She's American and she was ranting about how us Brits don't complain enough. 'Haven't you ever heard of the customer is always right?!' (and that's one reason why you're my former colleague, Charlotte) and I started thinking that there must be things that Americans now living in the UK dislike about the UK."

They added: “God knows I've heard some horror stories from family and friends who live or lived in the USA over the years.

“This is not a s***-stirring thread or a thread to encourage Yank-bashing (but they have to expect a fair bit of p***-taking in the replies). I'm genuinely curious.”

This spurred people to leave their own observations, which include…

The people

Apparently, Brits can be quite grating.

They asked: “Where are these Brits who don't complain, I'd very much like to meet them as they can't be British to not complain enough.”

“Generally harder to get to know people. It’s not annoying per se, just a bit more difficult. People tend to be a bit more guarded and reserved and takes real effort to break through,” someone else stated.

And, this American said: “How much the Brits love to moan.”


Other Americans shared their collective hatred for UK supermarkets and questioned why they are so "tense".

A commenter said: “I don’t know if it’s a London-specific thing, or if I’m going to the wrong shop at the wrong time, but I’ve had very different experiences when shopping for groceries here than I had in the US.

“Everyone seems on edge, occasionally get bumped into, can’t really explain further but things always feel tense. I suspect it might just be because the aisles are more narrow than I’m used to, but curious if others have this feeling.

And another added: “Honestly I think a lot of that comes from people just trying to get in and out. And the alarming amount of un-self- aware d***heads who love to block aisles, from my bitter perspective anyway lol.”

Others complained about the amount of plastic in our stores.

They wrote: “Fruit and veg wrapped in plastic at the supermarkets. So clearly designed to make you spend more and horrible for the environment. I don’t need four leeks, I need one."


Americans apparently can't get other the cost of, well, everything.

An American living in the capital remarked: “I live in South London and spending more than £30 to get to somewhere that’s maybe one hour away by car is mind boggling.”

Others ripped into the British property market.

A commenter slammed: “Buying a house here is easily the most annoying experience I've had. In America you put an offer in, and if it's accepted, you close and move in in about 30 days."

And, of course the weather

Surprisingly, it's not the rain that has been grinding people's gears.

“During that one week a year when it’s hot, I hate how rare it is for anyone to have AC,” an American shared.

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