An inside look at the real estate Tiger Woods has been connected to, from a private island in Sweden to a $54 million mansion in one of America's wealthiest ZIP codes

  • Tiger Woods had a net worth of $800 million as of 2018, according toForbes.
  • While his name has been connected toaprivate island in Sweden and a$54 million mansion in one of thewealthiest ZIP codes in the country, not much is known about his personal real-estate investments.
  • His real-estate related business ventures include investing in aprivate resort in the Bahamas and arestaurant in Florida.
  • Business Insider rounded up three residential properties with direct ties to Woods.
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Along with his manyPGA Tour wins, golf legendTiger Woods has also accumulated an impressive fortune: In 2018,Forbes estimated that Woods was worth $800 million.

Woods is often seen lounging in his 155-foot-long, $20 millionmegayacht and private jet. He has also invested inAlbany, Bahamas, a private luxury resort, and ownsThe Woods Jupiter, an American-style restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.

However, public information on his residential real-estate acquisitions is limited.

We do know that after thepublic scandals surrounding his extramarital affairs anddivorce nearly a decade ago, Woods sold some real-estate assets and bought others.

His name has been connected to a private island in Sweden that was designed for him, but which he did not own and which,according to the Los Angeles Times, he never moved into. He alsobuilt a $54 million mansion in one of thewealthiest ZIP codes in the country.

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Business Insider rounded up three residential properties that have had direct ties to Woods. Of those three, two have been sold.

Keep reading for the full list.

The Jupiter Island estate: Tiger Woods owns a massive home on Jupiter Island. Jupiter Island is located on the coast of Martin County, Florida, and is about 50 minutes away from West Palm Beach by car.

Source:Forbes,Google Maps

The ultra-exclusive Jupiter Island is home to some seriously wealthy residents. The island has a population of just 907 and a median home value of $5,104,400.

Source:Los Angeles Times,United States Census Bureau,Zillow

Woods originally purchased the 12-acre oceanfront property in 2006 for $40 million.

Source:The New York Times

He built a $54 million mansion on the estate and moved into the home in 2010.

Source:Golf News Net,The Washington Post

The property boasts a 3.5-acre golf course, a tennis court, an oxygen tank, a full gym, and pools.


The Orlando mansion: Tiger Woods used to own a home in Windermere, Florida …

Source:Business Insider

… but he sold it in 2013 for $2.2 million to Bubba Watson.

Source:Business Insider

The home was the site of Woods’ infamous 2009 car crash. The golf pro crashed his car into a fire hydrant in front of his Windermere home just days after reports of his cheating scandal went public.


The home includes a movie theater, seven bedrooms, a wet bar, a two-story patio, and a guest house. In 2013, Watson listed the home for $5.6 million. It sold for $4.2 million in 2016.

Source:Golf Digest,Los Angeles Times

A private island: A Swedish businessman owned and developed a private island in Sweden for Tiger Woods and his then-wife Elin Nordegren …

Source:Business Insider,Los Angeles Times

… but the couple, who divorced in 2010, never moved in.

Source:Business Insider,Los Angeles Times

According to the LA Times, the private island is in Lake Mälaren. It’s about an hour from Stockholm, the country’s capital.

Source:Golf Digest,Los Angeles Times

It boasts a private harbor, a rocky shoreline, several acres of untouched woods, a hunting lodge, a large, open yard, six golf tees, and a private golf course.

Source:Business Insider

The home was designed with a hunting-lodge style.

Source:Business Insider

In 2015, the 62-acre island was listed for $7.1 million. It’s unclear how much it was sold for.

Source:Business Insider,Los Angeles Times

But Woods hasn’t only purchased real estate for himself.

Source:The Real Deal

In 2007, Woods reportedly bought his mother two plots of land in Jupiter, Florida for around $2.4 million. Public records also show that in 2010, another home in Windermere, Florida was listed under both Tiger Woods’ and his father’s names. It was assessed at $1.31 million.

Source:The Real Deal

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