Andy Cohen and Dog Wacha Share Their Modern Love Story: 'I Feel Like I Fell in Love on Tinder'

Andy Cohen knows he is #blessed when it comes to his rescue dog Wacha.

As the Watch What Happens Live! host tells it: “I feel like I fell in love on Tinder.”

Cohen first saw Wacha while he was flipping through late one night after filming his show, looking for the perfect canine match.

“The first picture I saw of him is just ingrained in my memory,” Cohen tells PEOPLE, remarking how he was drawn to the canine’s photo because of his soulful eyes.

Fast forward to now and the beagle mix (who Cohen calls a “Ralph Lauren Snoopy”) is living the posh life with his famous pet parent, and he is on a first name basis with many of Cohen’s famous friends.

“It’s really easy for dogs, especially my dog, who everyone wants to feed treats to, to get a little chubby,” Cohen says of one of the issues that comes up with being a well-known pet owner.

Luckily, Wacha keeps it “lean” by sticking to a healthy diet, which started with Cohen and his dog taking the Purina ONE 28-day Challenge.

This challenge involves switching your dog’s food to Purina ONE for 28 days to see if you notice any differences in your pet’s appearance or behavior. For Wacha, the change reportedly led to brighter eyes and a shinier coat.

Now Cohen and the rescue pup are encouraging others to take the challenge as well, especially since from May 22 – June 30, for every pet that signs up for the 28-day Challenge, Purina will donate $5 to the Petfinder Foundation.

As you may remember, Petfinder played a pivotal part in Cohen and Wacha ending up together.

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In another effort to support shelter pets, Cohen and Purina ONE are putting on a gallery show in New York City on May 22nd, which will feature never-before-seen shots of Wacha and Cohen in the celebrity’s N.Y.C. home — which you can exclusively preview here. The show will include glamorous shots of shelter dogs who have also completed the challenge and are now looking for forever homes.





Pet parents interested in trying the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge and helping shelter pets, can learn more here.

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