Angelina Jolie Still Heartbroken Over Brad Pitt Divorce — She Struggles With Resentment

Despite being the one to file for divorce, Angelina Jolie is still mourning her marriage to Brad Pitt. We’ve learned exclusively why she still struggles so much with seeing her ex-husband over a year later.

It always seems like Angelina Jolie is living her best life as a single woman, but looks can be deceiving. The mom of six filed for divorce from her now-ex-husband, Brad Pitt in September 2017, but the battle for custody rages on. Sure, she didn’t — and doesn’t — want to be married to Brad, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about the way things ended. As a source close to the Maleficent star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, Angelina “still struggles with a lot of lingering resentment towards Brad. She has never loved anyone more in the world than Brad and she is still crushed and heartbroken over their split.”

Fans were shocked to see Angelina and Brad together on January 30 after not being photographed face to face since the divorce news broke. Their meeting looked tense, and it was reported that they had just left a meeting about nailing down their custody agreement. Angelina currently has full custody of their kids, while Brad has visitation. The meeting was necessary, but it wasn’t easy for either party. For Angelina, seeing Brad “represents a difficult reminder that things fell apart and that her family is no longer together,” the source explained.

“She wanted to stay together forever, and it’s hard for her to see him,” they continued. “Angie has not been able to move on and has been unable to fall in love since splitting with Brad. So seeing him always stirs emotions and it’s challenging for her.” Anyone who has ever gone through a breakup, whether they were the dumper or the dumpee, can relate to what she’s feeling right now. It’s hard, and it’s sad! And it really wasn’t easy for Brad, either. A source close to the Fight Club star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he’s desperate to end the “war” with Angelina.

“Brad agreed to their recent meeting because he was hoping to come to some compromise with Angelina,” they said. “The divorce has been dragging on forever and Brad is tired of arguing with Angie through lawyers about the many details of their split. The entire process has been long and tiring for Brad, he is exhausted and was hoping to tackle things directly with Angelina in person.”

HollywoodLife reached out to Angelina’s rep for comment.

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