‘Angry’ giraffe charges at truck of tourists on safari

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Would you laugh at a charging giraffe?

A group of tourists didn’t seem to be too terrified of a giraffe that ran at their truck during a recent safari in Kenya, incredible video shows.

Last week, Dicken Muchena toured the Masai Mara Game Reserve and fortuitously filmed the “very angry” animal chasing down the vehicle when it came too close for comfort, South West News Service (SWNS) reports.

As seen in a quick clip, tourists chuckled and murmured as the giraffe sped towards – and ahead – of the moving truck. SWNS reports that the vehicle was driving away from the giraffes’ grazing ground when one of the bunch came at them.

Muchena, a teacher and photographer, claimed that the charging giraffe came so close to the truck it “almost stepped” on it. The wild animal “fiercely” ran after them for a few minutes, before the driver was able to successfully swerve out of its path and the giraffe gave up the chase.

No one was reportedly injured during the Dec. 9 incident, which Muchena described as unforgettable.

“The giraffe seemed harmless at first – but all of a sudden it turned foul and chased us from its natural habitat,” the tourist said. “It even tried to block our exit at one point – but we managed to get away.”

“It was certainly a scary adventure,” he added.

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