Another wild brawl at McDonald’s may lead to arrests

It’s been only weeks since the internet went wild over a fight at a Las Vegas McDonald’s, and already there’s a new Mickey D’s brawl making the rounds online.

The footage, which was first shared online in July but was only recently brought to the attention of law enforcement, appears to show two women — an employee and an off-duty employee — clashing behind the counter at a McDonald’s in DeKalb, Illinois, on July 3, according to the Daily Chronicle.

Police now say the footage has aided in the department’s investigation and may lead to arrests.

In the video, the two women can be seen grabbing and punching each other while the boyfriend of the off-duty employee encourages her to fight harder.

The boyfriend is also seen shoving and yelling at another female McDonald’s employee as she tries to remove him from behind the counter. He then shoves her to the floor and goes back to the two women fighting.

He eventually manages to grab his girlfriend, and the two of them are pulled out of the fight by the employee who was shoved to the floor.

As they leave, the man yells expletives at the McDonald’s employees.

The female employee whom he shoved yells, “You hit a woman. It’s on camera.”

The cause of the fight remains unclear.

DeKalb Police Commander Steve Lekkas said this footage has helped clear up conflicting reports, since police had already questioned everyone involved.

Warrants are under review for the arrest of the couple, who may be charged with battery.

“We were comfortable with half of the charges, because we were able to use the McDonald’s surveillance video,” Lekkas said in a statement obtained by the Daily Chronicle. “We always want to finalize everything and get the whole story before we do a half-completed investigation.”

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