Anwar Hadid Can’t Get Enough Of Leaked Nude Kendall Jenner Pics — He Wants Her Bad

Anwar Hadid is in love with Kendall Jenner’s recently leaked nude pics from Russell James’ new book ‘Angels’ and it’s making him desire her even more than he already does.

Anwar Hadid, 19, is really taking in Kendall Jenner‘s recently leaked nude pics and he can’t enough of the bare-all gems! The pics are from photographer Russell James‘ new edition of his book “Angels” and after they were posted all over the internet on Sept. 11, they caught major attention not only from Anwar but from many of her fans. “Anwar is drooling over the leaked Kendall nude pics,” a source close to the Hadids EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He thinks she looks amazing and he wants her bad. Anwar has been crushing on Kendall for years, he thinks she is smart, successful and funny too. He can’t believe how beautiful and sexy she looks without any clothes on in the leaked pics. Anwar can’t stop thinking about Kendall since seeing those pics.”

Anwar’s infatuation with Kendall is not too surprising considering the two have been seen getting closer and closer lately. They reportedly were seen making out again on Sept. 5, three months after they were initially spotted kissing at a CFDA Awards after party. They’ve also been regularly going on casual hangouts, including a dinner with Anwar’s model sisters, Gigi & Bella Hadid.

Although Kendall was believed to be dating Ben Simmons over the summer, her time with Anwar seems to prove that it may be over with the basketball player. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star doesn’t appear to be down about it though and Anwar may very well be the next guy she embarks on a long term romance with. The two have been friends for a while now and despite dating other people, they keep coming back to each other! We guess we’ll just have to wait and see where things go from here.

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