Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Tattoos, Matching Ink


If you’re like us — which, we already know you are — then you’ve been following Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s relationship like a stalker since they got engaged last month after only a few weeks of dating. It happened so fast that we seriously weren’t prepared for the cutesy couple moments to come. But now that it’s been a bit, we’re totally on board and shipping the couple so hard.

It’s undeniable that the celebrities are madly in love, so much so that they’ve taken permanent signs to show that. Yes, we’re talking about a handful of tattoos dedicated to each other. Although some people may look at this as a not-so-smart move, others think it’s super cute and romantic. No matter what you think about it, Pete and Ariana seem to be loving their new ink and that’s really all that matters.

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