Aubrey O’Day Alleges Pauly D Abused Her & Admits She Wished Him Dead On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Aubrey O’Day’s comments in the Sept. 21 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ shook her then boyfriend Pauly D to the core. Watch his reaction to her harsh words!

They’re not exactly the words you want to hear from your girlfriend. So, Pauly D, 38, is extremely hurt in the latest episode of Marriage Boot Camp when he hears his now ex Aubrey O’Day, 34, say she sometimes wished him dead. The show was filmed back in 2017 when the reality stars were actually a couple, but it’s airing more than a year after they split. And from this sneak peek we can most definitely see why they decided to call it quits.

In the clip Aubrey and Pauly D are chatting with Black Ink couple Quani and Puma about the mean things they’ve said to their partners. Puma says, “Quani done wished death upon me a few times.” He added, “I don’t take threats like that too serious.” Then, mentioning Aubrey – who sits down next to Pauly D – Puma adds, “I don’t think Aubrey wants to go to jail.” That’s when the pop star says, “I also didn’t speak it out loud.”

At that point Pauly D (whose real name is Paul DelVecchio) mumbles something incomprehensible and Aubrey fires back, “Pauly, you can just communicate with me. You don’t have to make like little side jabs.” Defending himself, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star adds, “I didn’t bring up the subject, they did… They asked me.” But the argument continues as Aubrey says, “No, I’m saying you’re being aggressive and you’re starting to go in the wrong direction. Why don’t you just talk to me about what you felt?” Alluding to an allegation she made in an earlier episode – that Pauly “tortured” her – she adds, “I understand that’s hard to hear. It’s also hard to be abused.”

In a confessional Pauly D later explains how hurt he is to hear that Aubrey wishes him dead. He says, “I’m really shut down right now. I’m really hurt. Somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with is someone I trust… and all that was broken down. Everything was thrown out the door the second I heard she wished I was dead.” The camera flashes back to the conversation and, a visibly upset Pauly D says, “I would never in my entire life put any time and effort in someone that wishes me dead. That’s period.” As we all now know, the former Danity Kane singer and the DJ eventually split in July 2017. Marriage Boot Camp airs on WE on Fridays at 9pm ET.

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