Aubrey O'Day Shares TMI About Pauly D's Penis Piercing Before Split

Aubrey O’Day gives some serious TMI on Tuesday’s finale episode of "Famously Single," when she brings up her great sex life with Pauly D.

She clearly wasn’t shy about what’s been going on in the bedroom, as the dumblonde singer reveals some intimate details about her man’s member during some girl talk with her female co-stars.

The biggest revelation: Pauly’s pierced … down there. "It triggers all the right spots," O’Day exclaims in the sneak peek clip above.

While she has no problem spilling the deets, not everyone is as excited about hearing them. "Aubrey is an over-sharer. Pauly, I’m sorry," Brandi Glanville says about O’Day running her mouth. "I feel bad for Pauly."

You know it’s bad when Brandi is offended!

Unfortunately, the former "Making the Band" singer will have to find someone new to "trigger the right spots," as she and Delvecchio broke up after a 9-month relationship over the weekend.

No word on what caused the split, but the "Jersey Shore" alum scrubbed all photos of his ex from his social media pages. Aubrey, for her part, hasn’t done the same — but she’s currently sequestered inside the "Celebrity Big Brother" house in the UK.

The "Famously Single" season finale airs Tuesday at 10:00pm ET/PT on E!

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