Aubrey O’Day Would Not Vote For Don Jr. For President In 2024 — One Trump Is Enough

If Donald Trump Jr. every makes a run for the White House, he can’t count on Aubrey O’Day’s vote. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned she refuses to support him and her ‘crush’ on him is over – for good!

Donald Trump, 72, hasn’t even finished a first presidential term yet and there’s already buzz about his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., 40, running for office in 2024. If Don Jr. decides to follow in his father’s footsteps, don’t expect Aubrey O’Day to perform at any of his political rallies. Though the 34-year-old singer allegedly had an affair with Don Jr. in 2011, supporting him for president is just a step too far for Aubrey. “If Don Jr. runs for president,” a friend of the Danity Kane singer EXCLUSIVELY tells, “one person that he will never be getting a vote from is Aubrey. She feels very strongly that one Trump in the White House is enough. “

“And,” the source adds, “Aubrey is no longer a fan of Don. Jr. in any way. Her crush on him is dead and done.” Perhaps that’s for the best, since the “First Son” has moved on to a new romance with ex-Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49. It was during a photo shoot for Metropolitan Magazine that the talk of a Don Jr. campaign was started. While Kimberly, the focus of the magazine profile, was photographed with her beau, eyewitnesses said that they came off as so presidential. “It’s almost like you can imagine doing the same sort of [photo shoot] in the Oval office.”

Needless to say, Aubrey didn’t pick up that issue of the magazine, as she’s trying to put her alleged history with the president’s son behind her. “Aubrey’s doing her best not to think about Don. Jr. or his family,” the source tells “Her focus is on the new music she’s putting out and the exciting stuff happening with her career. But, no way would she every be on team Trump now or ever again.”

Oddly enough, Don Jr. and Aubrey have more in common than they probably would like to admit. He and Vanessa Trump, 40, the mother of his five children – Chloe, 4, Spencer, 5, Kai, 11, Tristan, 6, and Donald Trump III, 9 – filed for divorce in May 2018. Aubrey and her older boyfriend, DJ Pauly D, 38, split a year ago, but before their breakup, their crumbling relationship was put under the microscope in season 11 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. In a preview of the new season, Aubrey confronted her man about his past “playboy” lifestyle, and how he had “f*cking 50 wifeys” in his phone!

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