Australians are using TOOTHPASTE to brighten their car headlights

Pearly lights! Mothers share genius cleaning hack for using TOOTHPASTE to defog their car headlights – with spectacular results

  • Australians are using toothpaste for headlights restoration on their vehicles 
  • The product helps to brighten up foggy, cloudy car headlights within minutes
  • The car owners are sharing their very simple method in a Facebook group

We are all guilty of neglecting our cars when it comes to cleaning them, but mothers have shared a simple cleaning hack that could have them sparkling in minutes.  

Motorists on the Australian Facebook group Mums Who Clean have revealed that you can use toothpaste to defog your headlights, achieving gleaming results. 

The method is simple and quick with mothers recommending you rub the toothpaste on the headlights with a cloth, buff in a circular motion until it’s sparkling clean – and then rinse off the residue. 

One mother even claimed that the same method can be used to deal with scratches and door paint scrapes. 

Car owners have revealed the astonishing before and after photos of their headlights after using toothpaste to clean them  

‘This is why I never put commercial toothpaste in my mouth,’ she said.

‘I only use natural toothpastes and keep the chemical one in my cleaning kit.’ 

Another car owner shared impressive before and after pictures of where the toothpaste cleaning trick had restored her cloudy headlights. 

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Another woman revealed that she only had to clean her headlights for a minute on each side to achieve the desired result.

Writing on the Facebook group she said: ‘I just had a quick go. One minute each light. Results pretty good.’ 

Several suggested other unusual tricks to clean foggy headlights, including WD40, insect repellent spray Aerogard and headlight restore kits such as Turtle Wax.

One woman decided to use the cleaning trick on her mother’s car – and it worked a treat

Another woman managed to restore her ‘tarnish headlights’ after using Turtle Headlight Restoration Kit, available at Supercheap Auto for $39.99


Manufacturers switched glass headlights to polycarbonate or plastic ones in the 1980s which are more prone to becoming cloudy.

The cloudiness is caused by oxidation and can decrease visibility with experts recommending they are periodically repaired.   

However, experts say it is worth giving your headlights a wash before investing in a repair as built-up grit can also cause fogginess, with toothpaste recommended for doing the job.

While toothpaste is used to remove unwanted particles from the enamel on your teeth, it can also lift stains from your car headlights. 

This is because toothpastes contain a mild abrasive that buffs out the surface for a smooth feel and look that translates into clearer headlights.

Source: YourMechanic 

‘WD40 or Aerogard works,’ one suggested.

Another said: ‘I’ve used WD40 before. It works short term.’ 

‘My pop – who’s an ex car detailer – says bicarb and lemon. Make a paste, scrub it round, let it sit, then rinse,’ one woman shared.

Another woman said she needed to restore her ‘tarnished headlights’ after her vehicle failed a safety certificate inspection. 

She tried a couple of products but she was still not ‘completely satisfied as the [the headlights were] still a yellow tinge and slightly foggy’.

‘I found the Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit at Supercheap [RRP$39.99]. I did the process twice and it worked a treat,’ she said, as she shared her amazing results.

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